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Woman Who Only Went To The Toilet ONCE A Week Was So Bloated By Mystery Illness That People Thought She Was Pregnant

Saturday 6 October 2018


From the UK newspaper the Mirror:


Kayleigh and Robert Henning
Kayleigh Henning suffered from bloating, constipation
and abdominal cramps for more than 10 years,
pictured here with husband Robert
(Image: Mark Barton Photography)

Woman who only went to the toilet ONCE a week was so bloated by mystery illness that people thought she was pregnant

EXCLUSIVE: Kayleigh Henning suffered from bloating, constipation and abdominal cramps for more than 10 years

By Liz Dunphy
4 October 2018
© 2018 MGN Limited

A woman who was so bloated by a mystery illness that people thought she was pregnant is now expecting her first child after beating illness by avoiding six common foods.

Kayleigh Henning suffered from bloating, constipation and agonising abdominal cramps for more than 10 years. Her condition was so bad she could only go to the toilet once a week.

Sleepless nights were spent curled up on the bathroom floor in agony while multiple doctors failed to correctly diagnose her problem.

Kayleigh said: "It was so annoying because everyone just assumed I was pregnant and wouldn't leave that alone - I was definitely not pregnant!


Kayleigh's husband, Robert, has ME [chronic fatigue syndrome] and was also going through a rough time but couldn't understand why.

Kayleigh says: "He's had a few allergy tests, but never any intolerance tests. He had already eliminated gluten and cow's milk from his diet. His lunch consisted of a chicken breast, potatoes and an egg every day.

“Interestingly when he took the intolerance test, which I got for him as a Christmas present, he found he was intolerant to eggs! So as soon as he eliminated the eggs he felt better as well.”

Although Robert had around 30 intolerances, from eggs to raspberries, the message from specialists was not to panic - and even that some intolerances can be "reintroduced" six months after eliminating them from a diet.

Kayleigh's test - the YorkTest Food&Drink Scan programme - also threw up several surprises, revealing she had reactions to cow’s milk, egg white, lentils, yeast, buckwheat and gluten.


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