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ME/CFS South Australia Inc supports the needs of sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related illnesses. We do this by providing services and information to members.


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David Tuller - Discussing PACE, Crowdfunding, ME/CFS Journalism, And Australia

Friday 20 April 2018


From WithGustoTV on YouTube:


David Tuller
David Tuller

DAVID TULLER - Discussing PACE, Crowdfunding, ME/CFS Journalism, and Australia

Published on 19 Apr 2018

I sat down with David Tuller for an in-depth discussion of how he arrived in the ME/CFS space, his ongoing work debunking the farcical PACE trial, it's Australian impact, the difficulties publishing good journalism on the topic, and his plans for the future.

You can support David Tuller and find his work here:

Crowdfunding April 2018:
Virology Blog:

Question Timestamps:

4:11 - Interview starts
3:38 - Q1: What brought you to our sunny shores and how has your trip been so far?
5:52 - Q2: What originally sparked your interest in ME/CFS?
7:13 - Q3: Any reason you post on Virology blog as opposed to making your own blog?
18:48 - Q4: Your work is currently made financially possible through crowd-funding?
26:58 - Q5: I can imagine crowd-funding has the potential to be both stressful and rewarding?
30:37 - Q6: Why do you think the PACE authors and the Lancet are so defiant in the face such rigorous, sustained criticism?
33:24 - Q7: Adapted from Reddit user u/ASABM: What corrections would you like to see made in the PACE trial's published papers or is outright retraction the only proper solution?
35:00 - Q8: What do you make of certain researchers attempts to paint themselves as freedom-fighting martyrs in response to the careful criticism that to my mind are leveled not against them specifically but rather against the studies they've published?
36:22 - Q9: Under my specialists instructions, I'm still following the adaptive pacing principles as outlined by the UNSW Lifestyle Clinic. I understand you're talking to people like myself who've undertaken the same program. What kind of things have you been hearing so far?
41:38 - Q10: Do you think there's a way for the ME/CFS community to bridge the gap between us and those who endorse PACE?
43:23 - Q11: What are your priorities for the year ahead? (From Reddit user u/JosephStash)
45:31 - Q12: What should ME activists be highlighting to the public in order to raise our profile? (From Reddit user u/JosephStash)
48:32 - Q13: Are you aware of anyone else in our Parliament that may be receptive to our cause? (From Reddit user u/JameseyJones)
50:18 - Q14: How do you think we can recruit more journalists like you to investigate and report accurately on ME/CFS?
54:55 - Q15: How did you become such a bad ass mofo? (From Reddit user u/travellingbrooke)



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