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Dr Sarah Myhill On Natural Health Worldwide

Thursday 21 September 2017


From Life The Basic Manual (via YouTube):


LIFE: The Basic Manual

Dr Sarah Myhill On Natural Health Worldwide

By Life The Basic Manual
Published on 28 Aug 2017

Dr Sarah Myhill has always been passionate about empowering her patients to find their own path forward to health. In this piece, she discusses the exciting new health portal she has recently funded, Natural Health Worldwide. It is an accessible, patient-friendly way of accessing experts in their field, including those who are expert by experience.

One of the great disconnects of our age is between large, bureaucratised systems of healthcare and those using them. This is particularly acute for patients who have poorly understood conditions. They are often made to feel that they are to blame for being difficult or demanding when they try to access a decent standard of investigation and treatment. Sometimes those patients give up, demoralised and confused. This means they must work even harder to get the right kind of help. And this is exactly what Dr Myhill wants to make easier for them. Dr Myhill wants to help all patients but especially those who presently give up because there is simply nothing out there for them – Natural Health Worldwide is now out there for them!

Because she has a devoted group of people she’s treated and helped, when Dr Myhill faced investigation by the General Medical Council, they sent donations to help her fight her case. She never asked for these donations, never used them, but instead saved them, and this is how she has funded Natural Health Worldwide, as a thank you to all those patients she has treated over the years. She is not receiving financial benefit from the portal.

The portal exists as a professional eBay for opinions, and it allows practitioners to function without the overheads of paying for an office or support staff. Each practitioner has their own area of particular skill and interest. It allows any person to access any practitioner and consult by telephone, email or Skype. After such a consultation they can leave star-ratings and reviews of sessions they've received to build a reputation for that practitioner. This helps others to choose their practitioner of choice. In this way, future patients have the benefit of previous patients’ reviews to aid their decision-making.

Dr Myhill is particularly enthused by the number of ‘expert patient’ practitioners on the site because she knows just how hard-won their knowledge has been.

To learn more about the exciting new health portal Dr Myhill has launched, Natural Health Worldwide, please see

To learn more about Dr Myhill’s work, please see

To buy Dr Myhill’s books, please see


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