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Shake that *^#&! ing stigma – The Shake the CFS Stigma challenge begins

Monday 15 December 2014


From Cort Johnson's US website Health Rising:


Stop stigma

Shake That *^#&! ing Stigma – The Shake the CFS Stigma Challenge Begins

By Cort Johnson on December 2, 2014

Wouldn’t you just love to “Shake the Stigma”? You know the stigma that says chronic fatigue syndrome is just about fatigue (and mild fatigue at that). That everyone has it from time to time. That it’s a cover up for malingerers. That it’s not “real”.

Wouldn’t you just love for the [US] National Institutes of Health to “Shake the CFS Stigma” and starting treating ME/CFS like a real disorder that deserves real funding?

The Simmaron Research Foundation thinks it’s time to “Shake the CFS Stigma” off – literally – and to challenge your friends and government officials to do the same. To leave that stigma lying in the dust from, (and if you feel like it, maybe stomp on it a couple of times..(my suggestion :)))

ME/CFS is real, it’s serious, and the ME/CFS community – all 17 million of them around the world – are not going away; it’s time to shake that CFS stigma for good!

The Simmaron Foundation has begun the #ShakeTheCFSStigma challenge.

Here’s how it works:

Shake or Donate – Shake the Stigma of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Do the 4 easy steps below OR donate $10 (or what you can) to help Simmaron Research shake the CFS Stigma

  1. Video yourself doing a “shake” – dance, shake your hands or head, shake a drink, shake a leg …(If I can get a video going I’m going to shake something with the word stigma on it – and then I’m going to break it – and then I may stomp on it..)
  2. Post the video on any of these sites, using the hashtags #ShakeTheCFSstigma (simply embed the hashtags into the title)
  3. Challenge 3 people to #ShakeTheCFSstigma including an official in the U.S. government with power to fund research!
  4. Cut and paste the text and instructions above into an email addressed to those you challenge.

(A word for government officials: please participate in your off-time and on personal accounts if necessary)

Here are some ideas:

OR donate $10 (or what you can) to help Simmaron Research shake the CFS Stigma

– See videos at Simmaron’s Facebook site




The above, with comments, originally appeared here.


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