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Brenton Brown wrote 'Everlasting God' amid Chronic Fatigue

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Brenton Brown
Brenton Brown
(Photo: Brenton Brown)

From the Singapore edition of The Christian Post:

Brenton Brown Wrote 'Everlasting God' Amid Chronic Fatigue

Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010 Posted: 11:26:58PM HKT

Popular Christian song Everlasting God arose out of Christian songwriter and worship leader Brenton Brown’s personal experience of God’s inexhaustible strength amid his chronic fatigue.

Brown revealed this to The Christian Post in a recent phone interview. 

This is his account of how he was inspired to write the song.

Brown, in his mid twenties at the time, was a worship pastor at a church at Oxford University. In his account, “things were going well.”

He said: “We were doing services and travelled around town. We were seeing people become Christians.

“We were making records and writing songs.”

But things took a sudden turn for the worse for Brown.

In his words: “One morning I woke up and I didn’t feel well. And I thought perhaps I had a cold or a flu. And I sort of waited for it to go away. 

“But it didn’t go away after a week, two weeks.”

After six months Brown decided to visit the doctor to diagnose his symptoms. It was then that he discovered that he was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). 

According to, CFS is a debilitating and complex disorder characterised by profound fatigue of six months or a longer duration. It is not improved by bed rest and may be worsened by physical or mental activity. 

“Although I tried to kind of fake it and just keep going, at a certain point it just physically wasn’t possible,” said Brown.

It was then that Brown felt God telling him to return home to South Africa to get some rest. Interestingly his wife Jude had just been diagnosed with CFS, which is not a contagious illness. 

It was a major disappointment for Brown having to move back in with his parents in his mid twenties, he expressed. His parents were equally affected by the turn of events.

Brown recalled that he was ‘pretty desperate’ and ‘crying out to the Lord’. 

He said: “I remember thinking: Man, does God know we’re here?

“I just felt like we’ve been pouring our lives into church really and into our projects for Him. I just felt like I can’t believe I’m unwell and I had to move back home and move in to my parents.”

During that time, Brown was reading the Book of Isaiah. He was comforted by a passage in the 40th chapter.

Brown said: “God speaks to Israel and says: Don’t think that I have left you. Don’t think that your way is forgotten. 

“I know where you are. I know who you are. And I know what you are going through. I am the everlasting God. I don’t grow weak or weary. Those who wait on Me will receive strength.”

The passage inspired Brown to write Everlasting God. 

He said: “I just felt like that promise held true for God’s people. 

“And as I pondered that truth that day I determined that we were going to wait on Him and let Him have His way in us and what He wanted to do.”

The Browns “never got healed of the chronic fatigue syndrome,” Brenton highlighted.

“We still have to put the gloves on every day and get to work,” he said. “But God kind of carried us across.”

The above originally appeared here.

On YouTube, Brenton tells "The Story of Everlasting God":

And here's the song itself:


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