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MCS Awareness Month

Sunday 7 March 2010

American ChronicleThe American Chronicle has an article about MCS Awareness Month which will be in May:

MCS Awareness Month 2010

Lourdes Salvador
January 31, 2010

May 2010 is fast approaching. Each May Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness and Education Month is observed in the United States.

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) affects over 48 million men, women, and children of all races. Even though MCS is of widespread epidemic prevalence, public awareness of the toxicity of common environmental insults and ways to manage and accommodate MCS remain limited. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month, May 2010, bestows upon us a great opportunity to work towards increased public awareness of MCS.

Organizations around the world have put forth great effort to establish May of each year as either Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month or Toxic Injury Awareness Month. Many are working to improve awareness and appropriate healthcare around the world. Activities are organized around the month of May and continue throughout the year. MCS America plays a special role during this time and is committed to promoting awareness of toxic chemicals which may cause MCS and trigger reactions in those already injured by toxic chemicals.

This first part of the year is dedicated to planning for individuals and organizations in the U.S. to hold local events during May for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month and beyond. We provide numerous ideas for promoting awareness, educating others, increasing recognition, and planning community events. We provide many editable sample materials which may be downloaded and used locally.

Thousands of multiple chemical sensitivity awareness events are expected to take place across the United States this May. MCS America can help publicize your event on news feeds, blogs, newspapers, our newsletter, and other venues. Submit your event to We value your feedback on the usefulness of our sample materials and welcome suggestions for future materials.

Thank you for any and all efforts towards increased awareness in your locality. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can. Working together, we can help America to take control of toxic chemicals and eradicate multiple chemical sensitivity. Several ideas may be found on the next few pages of this newsletter, or download our complete event planning kit from:

How to Promote MCS Awareness

A simple phone call or letter is all it takes to be involved. If you have the energy, you may even choose to plan an all-out event in your community.

Things to do include:

  1. Ask your governor or mayor to issue an MCS Awareness Month proclamation.
  2. Mail information packets and relevant continuing education opportunities to local hospitals and health clinics.
  3. Hold an MCS awareness event at a local school, library, hospital, health clinic, or your state capitol.
  4. Approach researchers and treating physicians as well as officials and celebrities who have MCS and ask them to speak at your event.
  5. Arrange to display and distribute MCS educational materials at libraries, schools, medical establishments, and sporting events.
  6. Hold an MCS awareness event on your local PBS station.
  7. Request that local television and radio stations to issue public service announcements about MCS in their programming.
  8. Ask health organizations to include articles in their newsletters on the role of toxic environmental triggers in the development and exacerbation of MCS.

Governor Proclamations for Observance of MCS Awareness Month

One of the most popular activities is enlisting a governor, mayor, or other official to issue a proclamation for the month of May in observance of awareness events and activities for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. This involves contacting the official's constituent affairs office and asking who to submit a proclamation request to, and then following up with that individual or department. Below is a sample proclamation and cover letter which may be used to request a proclamation from your elected official.

The sample proclamation request may be downloaded for editing and use at:

Let us know when you've received your proclamation by sending a copy to:

We will post your proclamation and, if you have one, a link to your personal or organization website.

To view and download all past proclamations from 1998 - 2010, visit:

Library and Other Displays

Plan a display or event at your public library with the help of the head librarian. Ideas include

  1. Hold a children's reading time dedicated to awareness of toxics, pollutants, and multiple chemical sensitivity. Create a short story to read to the children or share a real story of a child with lead poisoning, multiple chemical sensitivity, or another toxic injury.
  2. Hold a family evening with stories, refreshments, and MCS related games. Consider finding sponsors to donate prizes for games, contests, and activities.
  3. Create a multiple chemical sensitivity display in a visible location at the library. Provide multiple chemical sensitivity brochures, posters, and materials for library visitors to learn more. An example of a real MCS library display by Christiane Tourtet may be viewed to the left and at:
  4. Distribute MCS materials to library visitors. Free materials are available to download from
  5. Publicize the event in the library newsletter, flyers, bulletin boards, web site, and through press releases and your local TV and radio broadcasting.

Invite people with MCS, doctors, researchers, and advocates to give scheduled talks.

Remember to thank the library staff for their assistance.

For more ideas on how to promote MCS Awareness Month this May, download our full event planning kit from:

The above article originally appeared here.


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