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MCS America list

Tuesday 16 June 2009

MCS AmericaAdvocacy group MCS America publishes an occasional list of web-based articles on MCS, ME/CFS and related conditions and issues.

Their latest bulletin lists key news items and articles on chemical sensitivities. It's great to note that Japan looks set to add chemical sensitivities to the list of conditions eligible for health insurance (see today's related article). Till now, sufferers have been left out in the cold.

Read on:

June 12, 2009
Chemical sensitivity syndrome to make list of gov't-insured medical conditions (JAPAN)
Call for control of nano-silver use
PA chemical database rules a political hazard, critics say
Congress Sends Obama Bill To Regulate Tobacco
Coca Cola Zero banned in Venezuela
Doctor slams Alcoa expansion

June 11, 2009
School board vending machine ban looms

June 10, 2009
Slathered in a sea of toxic confusion
Former teacher sues schools over mold
Study claims L.A. pollution worst in morning
Chemical Stops Breasts from Growing Bigger
Road particles pose 'higher risk'
EPA has few answers on PFOAs
Natural ways to get rid of head lice

June 9, 2009
Our exposure to controversial chemical may be greater than dose considered

Bisphenol A exposure increases risk of abnormal heart rhythms in female

Bisphenol A exposure in pregnant mice permanently changes DNA of offspring
County employees' violations of pesticide ordinance spurs hearing
Bill would ban BPA in baby products
Use electric for expanded rail services: health officials: Diesel fumes called 'particularly harmful'
Dioxins in Food Chain Linked to Breastfeeding Ills
Study finds colorectal cancer rates increasing worldwide: Westernization identified as a likely culprit
9 safer shopping tips from the pros @ Skin Deep

June 8, 2009
Fabric Softener Toxic; Natural Alternatives
Nightmares come true for the neediest
Reduce your baby's toxic chemical exposure
Newborn girls, boys behavior differs after prenatal phthalate exposure
Common chemotherapy drug triggers fatal allergic reactions

June 7, 2009
Household toxins: Toying with our safety
Are young people facing a brain cancer epidemic caused by cell phones?
Mattel to Pay $2.3 Million Fine for Selling Toxic Lead Toys

June 5, 2009
New gene variant linked to autism
Birth Control Chemical in Drinking Water
Shawnee detectives allege mold is hurting their health
EPA reevaluating the use of recycled tires in playgrounds
Firm Develops Chinese Drywall Inspection Protocol
Environmental activist named as EPA advisor
Green group urges reduction of common chemicals use
New documentary 'Food, Inc.' offers troubling view of American food industry
Mattel fined $2.3M for unsafe lead levels in toys
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is REAL
Bisphenol A: The Goods on a Bad Plastic

June 4, 2009
Gov't studies playground risks
Mystery Ingredient Cleaning Earth's Atmosphere
Association Found Between Parkinson's Disease and Pesticide Exposure in French Farm Workers

June 3, 2009
Pesticide may seed American infant formulas with melamine
Mosquito season prevention efforts amping up
FDA reviewing decision on safety of BPA
California Senate approves ban on BPA in plastics
Phthalates may soften, weaken bones

June 2, 2009
Columbia's water to undergo new disinfection process
Los Angeles County Board Of Supervisors Calls For Repeal Of Federal Cell Tower Health Preemption
Pet-flight plan ruffles feathers
California Senate Votes to Ban Bisphenol A in Baby Food and Beverage Products
Documentary tells how Quebec town launched anti-pesticide movement
What's your trigger: From perfume to ponytails, the many causes of headaches may surprise you
Muzzling the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, a California pollution watchdog
The art of living with illness
Analysis Finds Elevated Risk From Soot Particles in the Air
Couple adds Faraday cage to reduce electromagnetic fields
EPA Regains Control of Toxic Chemical Studies

June 1, 2009
Conscious Spaces: Environmental illness in your life
Wanted by Chemical Industry: Young, Pregnant Spokesperson for Bisphenol-A
NRDC releases report recommending science journals protect themselves from misuse
Allergies and everyday toxins
Carroll Electric herbicide opponents get short shrift at annual meeting
Thank You For Buying Our Toxic Plastic
Inflammatory bowel disease on the rise in specific populations
That 'baby rattle' raises health issues
Spray blamed for new bird deaths
Commonly used medications may produce cognitive impairment in older adults
Goats Replace Toxic Pesticides and Mowing Nationwide
Good pool hygiene: Shower before entering, don't pee in the pool

May 31, 2009
Bausch & Lomb quietly settles 600 lawsuits over eye fungus from contact-lens solution
Mold is Toxic: What You Need Know

May 29, 2009
Dirty-Dozen List of POPs Expanded
The food industry's newest smell test: Manufacturers are experimenting with aroma infusions that can trick
our brains into thinking we are tasting certain flavors

How toxic is your furniture?

May 28, 2009
Gypsy moths: City's aerial weapon questioned
Health, life insurers hold billions in tobacco stocks: NEJM article: Harvard researchers say insurers put profits over health
Pancreatic cancer linked to herbicides: Some weed killers may need to be treated with more respect
Pets and Pesticides: Severe Reactions to Common Pet Treatments Increase Dramatically

May 23, 2009
American Academy of Environmental Medicine Calls for Immediate Moratorium on All Genetically Modified Foods
Scientific Study: Air pollution and emergency department visits for cardiac and respiratory conditions: a multi-city time-series analysis
Functional characterization of muscle fibres from patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: case-control study
Developmental Changes in PON1 Enzyme Activity in Young Children and Effects of PON1 Polymorphisms (PDF)
The Effect of Fine and Coarse Particulate Air Pollution on Mortality: A National Analysis
Motor neuron diseases and neurotoxic substances: A possible link?
Increase of inflammatory markers after indoor renovation activities: The LISA birth cohort study

Lourdes Salvador

Disclaimer: Articles and links are not necessarily the opinion of MCS America, Lourdes Salvador, and/or the volunteers who assemble this information. We will be not responsible for misuse of this information. Posting does not constitute endorsement. We have no financial interest in anything posted. This post is provided free of charge via volunteer effort.



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