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ME/CFS South Australia Inc supports the needs of sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related illnesses. We do this by providing services and information to members.


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The wonders of YouTube

Friday 8 February 2008

YouTubeYouTube is now enormously popular as a place for people to both post and view video clips on the Internet.

We here at the Society are still not entirely sure if YouTube is a force for good or evil, though.

We will say that there are things on it that we love (e.g.: clips from British comedies; clips from old old British comedies; rare music footage) and things on it that we loathe (e.g.: incoherent political rantings; teenagers emoting; kittens being filmed for no particular reason etc).

One thing we can be sure of is that YouTube is an incredible time-waster. For example, our Webmaster, Peter Scott, spent four hours on YouTube “researching” this article. He found one clip that he enjoyed, which led to another, and then another… and ended up laughing for most of that time.

Overall, though, there’s more to like on YouTube than to dislike. For every piece of nonsense featuring celebrities, animals, and the desperately deluded, there are plenty more genuinely unique, informative, or entertaining pieces of video that, because they’re on YouTube, are given a chance to be seen by a wider audience.

For example, this is a clip of a woman who has posted a video of herself explaining ME/CFS in response to questions she’s frequently been asked about the disease:

To that end, we have a new part of the website dedicated to recommendable YouTube videos.

We weren’t sure whether to put these videos in the Humour section [no longer active] of the website, the My Favourite... section [no longer active], or the Multimedia section. Utimately, we decided to plump for a subsection of the all-purpose Multimedia section and called it YouTube recommendations.

Because there are so many videos we can recommend, and with so much variety, we have broken down the YouTube recommendations into a few distinct categories (although we’re fairly sure that some these videos could easily overlap a category or two):

Unclassifiable (i.e., just plain weird)

If you have a YouTube video that you’d to like to let us know about (for one reason or another), then please feel free to do so. Email either the Society ( or our Webmaster, Peter Scott.

We’ll start off our YouTube section with a few of our Webmaster’s favourites.


YouTube: Webmaster’s choice

Without further adieu, here are some YouTube videos that has had Peter Scott laughing his head off, gasping in amazement, scratching his head, or doing all simultaneously:


Johnny Nice Painter
If ever you’re feeling down, Johnny Nice Painter may be just the gentleman to cheer you up:


Father Ted - My Lovely Horse
This clip is from my second-favourite comedy of all time, Father Ted. Father Ted is a show is about three priests – Father Ted Crilly, Father Dougal McGuire, and Father Jack Hackett – and their housekeeper, Mrs Doyle, who live on a remote island off the coast of Ireland. In this clip, Father Ted and Father Dougal are attempting to write a song:


Tickle Me Emo
This clip is recommended to anyone who is familiar with any angst-ridden teenagers:



Jellyfish - The Ghost At Number One
Jellyfish was a band that was active for about two years in the early 90s. Musically, their brand of ornate power pop was fatally out of step with the emerging grunge period in rock (as typified by Nirvana et al). As a result, Jellyfish received little airplay and sold few records (they only made two albums). They did, however, develop a devoted cult following due to their songwriting craftsmanship and live performances. Years later they are still spoken of in music circles with reverence. This clip gives an indication of why. The song is called “The Ghost At Number One” and it was recorded live on a TV show in Britain in 1993. It includes four-part harmony singing that, for me, is stunning:


Puffy AmiYumi - Nice Buddy
Puffy AmiYumi is a female pop duo from Japan. They’re impossibly cute, and so is this song (Suggestion: play this one as loudly as possible):


Unclassifiable (i.e., just plain weird)

Tyra Banks - Vaseline
Tyra Banks is a model and occasional talk-show host in the US. She is seen on Australian television in a program called America's Next Top Model. In this clip, Ms Banks is letting her talk-show audience know, in a rather unusual way, about her “biggest beauty secret ever” (hint: it’s Vaseline). Please keep in mind, while watching this, that Ms Banks’ enthusiasm is for Vaseline. Yes, Vaseline:


Otters holding hands
In a clip infinitely more tolerable than the above Tyra Banks tirade, two otters hold hands whilst drifting around a pond (Beware: if you are a sucker for cuteness, at about the 1:19 mark in this clip there is the possibility that your brain will melt):


Baby duck feeding fish
And the cuteness continues. Here is a clip that has to be seen to be believed:

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