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ME/CFS South Australia Inc supports the needs of sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related illnesses. We do this by providing services and information to members.


ME/CFS South Australia Inc aims to keep members informed of various research projects, diets, medications, therapies, news items, etc. All communication, both verbal and written, is merely to disseminate information and not to make recommendations or directives.

Unless otherwise stated, the views expressed on this Web site are not necessarily the official views of the Society or its Committee and are not simply an endorsement of products or services.

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Links


MCS-GlobalGlobal Recognition Campaign for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Chemical Injury

Profile of Patients with Chemical Injury and Sensitivity
A detailed clinical description of MCS is available in this paper by Grace Ziem and James McTamney.

MCS Definition, MCS: A 1999 Consensus
Diagnostic criteria and statement on MCS by Bartha and 33 other MCS experienced clinicians and researchers provides clear diagnostic criteria and recommendations on MCS.

MCS Under Siege
By Ann McCambell, MD, Chair, MCS Task Force of New Mexico, this provides evidence of a well funded campaign by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to prevent the recognition of MCS.

Congressional extracts
Congressman Bernard Sanders’ extracts from the congressional record of the United States of America on chemical injury/sensitivity and MCS. This site details widespread recognition of MCS in the USA.

Further Information from Australian Sites

The Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance

The Allergy, Sensitivity and Environmental Health Association of Queensland

Allergy and Environmental Sensitivity Support and Research Association

Fragrance and Chemical Sensitivity Support Group

Dr Mark Donohoe on MCS

National Toxics Network

Chemical Awareness in Schools

Further Information from International Sites

MCS Referral and Resources

The Canadian Environmental Illness Society

Chemical Injury Information Network

Health and Environment Resource Centre

The Healthy Housing Coalition

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