Recovery/Management Model for Tackling ME/CFS

By ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc

People with ME/CFS are encouraged to become listeners, learners, researchers, active managers, participants (not spectators), honest self-evaluators and flexible operators. Most importantly, they are encouraged to maintain and strengthen their self-esteem in the face of their health.

Recovery/Management Model for Tackling ME/CFS

  People with ME/CFS are encouraged to: ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc to provide:
Knowledge learn about their condition (and are encouraged to become self-researchers. a range of options for members to access information about ME/CFS, research and coping with ME/CFS. This may be through the Internet, books, publications, meetings and handouts; and to provide validation to their situation with a view to empower members to make informed choices.
Taking reponsibility / control own life and experience – to have the courage to change what they can, and accept what they can’t. positive role models and firmly encourage members to take responsibility for their own lives – both what they do and how they feel.
Management actively manage their condition: to consider different management options and understand how they might help; to make good choices based on the information before them. They are also encouraged to develop skills in dealing with family, friends and health practitioners. information about different management options, evaluations of management options and referrals to health practitioners who are able to undertake them. Also, to provide self-management courses.
Self-reporting / listening develop good skills in evaluating emotional / physical experiences – with a view to living a proactive not reactive life. information on coping with ME/CFS, becoming more self-aware and honest in self-evaluation.
Adaptation experiment and change what is not helpful in their lives, and to learn to be flixible and change priorities given different circumstances. information / direction on being flexible given the fluctuations of health people experience.



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