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Annual Subscription Rates – What Can You Afford?
(Rates are due on 1 July each year)

We think everyone affected by ME/CFS should be able to join our society – and not be prevented due to cost. So, please donate what you can afford, even if it's only $5*. It costs the society about $80 per year, per member, to operate. We used to ask $38 for an adult and $25 for concession. If you can donate more to help subsidise those less well off, we would all really appreciate it.
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(*$5 of your contribution will be your official membership fee [GST inc.],
while additional contributions will be classified as donations. Donations
of $2 or more are tax deductable and receipts will be posted if required.)
Payable to "ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc."

Send to: ME/CFS Society,
         GPO Box 28,
         Hindmarsh SA 5007
(please don't send cash in the mail)
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