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ME/CFS South Australia Inc supports the needs of sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related illnesses. We do this by providing services and information to members.


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Dr Hugh Derham DVD

Sunday 30 March 2014


From the ME/CFS Society of Western Australia:


ME/CFS Society of WA

Dr Hugh Derham

Hugh Derham is a Western Australian GP who has taken a special interest in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

At our 2012 Annual General Meeting he gave a lecture on his findings and treatment of heavy metal toxicity and deficiencies, food sensitivities, CFS and changes in the gut, hair tissue mineral analysis, plus a wide range of other pathologies, symptoms and treatments relating to ME/CSF, including Lyme Disease.

We have for sale a DVD of his lecture and would appreciate if you would promot this DVD to your members through your newsletter or website.

The DVD of Dr Derham's talk is available from the ME/CFS WA for $15.00. Postage Australia-wide costs an extra $1.20. The easiest way to buy it is with the PayPal "Buy Now" button on the page (N.B. A 71c service fee applies). Alternatively, payment can also be made by cheque and direct debit. A full chapter index and some sample YouTube videos are provided below.

Dr. Hugh Derham's talk was very well received by a full house in the Niche Conference Room.

Here is the list of topics covered in the DVD:

Chapter Name:
1 Stephen Le Page - Introduction
2 Heavy Metal Toxicity and Deficiencies
3 More severe patients - suspicion of Lyme
4 Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction
5 Pathological changes - food sensitivities
6 Fructose and cow's milk intolerance
7 Deficiencies - Vitamin B12
8 usually more than one thing going on
9 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and changes in the gut
10 Decreased intestinal pH, bacteria, leaky gut, symptoms
11 Escherichia coli deficiency
12 Krebs Cycle and Coenzyme Q10
13 High Streptococcal / Enterococcal Levels
14 Acid Colon & Nitric Oxide Toxicity
15 Treating NO toxicity with Vitamin B12 injections
16 Intestinal Dysbiosis & Food IgG
17 Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - Mercury Toxicity - Chelation
18 Effects and Side-effects of chelation
19 Lyme disease - CDC criteria - PCR for Borrelia
20 CD57 testing
21 exhaustive testing and treatment is expensive
22 Treatments with Bactrim vs. Trimethoprim
23 Severity of patients
24 Prejudices against ME/CFS and Chronic Lyme disease
25 Intravenous Ceftriaxone
26 Borrelia bacteria
27 conclusion
28 The Role of Psychology and Exercise in a treatment package
Questions from the Audience
29 Sylvia Tetlow - Is Lyme Disease always caused by a Tick?
30 Richard Wishart - Fructose
31 Richard Wishart - Lactose
32 Gabrielle - Chelation Therapy for Heavy Metal Toxicity
33 Gabrielle - Simultaneous Treatment?
34 Ron Love - Fibromyalgia
35 Felicity Amazon - Kefir
36 Sylvia Tetlow - The Importance of the Initial Trigger
37 Stephen Le Page - Thanks to Dr. Derham
38 Felicity Amazon - Vote of Gratitude
39 Psychosomatic illness or hidden pathophysiology?
40 Stephen Le Page - ME vs. CFS vs. actual pathology
41 Irritable Bowel Syndrome
42 Fibromyalgia
43 ME/CFS - Canadian Criteria - just a starting point
44 Thanks Again to Dr. Derham.
45 Stephen Le Page - Invitation to become a member of ME/CFS WA

Running time: 33 minutes.


DVD Chapter 9: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and changes in the gut


DVD Chapter 11: Escherichia coli deficiency


DVD Chapter 14: Acid Colon & Nitric Oxide Toxicity


The DVD can be purchased here.


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