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Contributions and co-signatories to open letter

Friday 5 August 2011

From Dr. John H. Greensmith (via email):


PenContributions and co-signatories to open letter, re: M.E. "death threats", by weekend 6/7th August 2011


I have started drafting an open letter to all publications which have covered the M.E. "death threats" story, following its appearance in the BMJ, 22 June 2011 and broadcast on the BBC Radio 4 "Today" programme on Friday 29 July 2011.

The tone is a non adversarial one, which suggests that the journalists wonder why these allegations have been made and what interests all parties have in any particular outcome, what success rates with orthodox and alternative treatments there have been with M.E. sufferers etc.

I am inviting any individual, or support group, from any country in the world, to suggest questions that should be put and to become co-sigatories if they wish. (If we receive a massively unwieldy number, it would be groups only or "+ n individual co-signatories".)

We may give the journalists a list of questions they should put, insist on straight answers from all sides and be prepared to dig a little deeper than they have done so far (we shall tell them where they might dig). We shall also recommend that, since a large proportion of patients and their familes, doctors and health care workers, may be frightened to speak out because of derision or bullying, they may need to shadow a real M.E. sufferer (we will provide them with one) or do a "reality test" undercover.

It would be unreasonable if they did not ask these questions but, at a later time, repeated a slur on a majority of M.E. sufferers.

Anyone wishing to contribute may

(1) send a question, or number of questions

(2) ask to be added to the co-signatories. (if you do not specifically ask to be added, you will not be named in the co-signatories)

to me at

with "Contributions and co-signatories to open letter, re: M.E. "death threats" By weekend 6/7th August 2011" in the subject line
(You may copy & paste it from the subject line of this e-mail if it makes it easier for you)

I am planning to e-mail this open letter by this weekend, 6/7th August 2011, so please reply promptly but, at the same time, do not be too hasty or over-emotional (perhaps draft your questions and sleep on it, or at least take time to reflect?)

Co-signatories will either have to trust my editorial judgement, or we may have time for just one draft before we send but I am certainly not going to get involved in any kind of bickering, which would make these allegations a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Best wishes
Dr John H Greensmith
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