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Dr. Sarah Myhill sanctions dropped

Tuesday 2 August 2011

From the Supporting Dr Myhill website:


Dr. Sarah Myhill
Dr. Sarah Myhill



26TH JULY 2011

Dr Myhill appeared before an Interim Orders Panel of the General Medical Council in Manchester earlier today. No new evidence was offered by the GMC and the outcome of the Hearing was that all sanctions previously imposed have been cancelled.

The case presented on behalf of the GMC today was exactly as put before the previous IOPs. The GMC have to date also failed to release or to substantiate the charges against Dr Myhill.

On a lighter note, Dr Myhill took the opportunity of today’s Hearing to appraise the Panel of the true identity of Mrs Rosemary Hogg – previously cited in one of the complaints put to Dr Myhill earlier this year. Readers of this website and the Facebook page will already be aware that Dr Myhill was accused of breaking sanctions imposed by the GMC in tending to a pregnant female, Rosemary Hogg, during childbirth last November. Rosemary is, of course, Sarah’s pet pig!

Dr Myhill is obviously delighted by the outcome of today’s Hearing and we trust that the GMC will now proceed to a Fitness to Practise Hearing without further delay or drop the case forthwith.

Further details and the transcript of the Hearing will be posted here as soon as they are released by the GMC.


26TH JULY 2011

At her Hearings in January and again at the end of March 2011, the GMC reversed its decision to suspend Dr. Myhill from the Medical Register, but imposed conditions on her practice. Dr. Myhill is now working hard to get those conditions lifted completely.

Dr. Myhill so far has faced 5 GMC Interim Orders Panel Hearing over 6 days. These trials punish doctors without looking at the facts. The idea is to protect the public from dangerous doctors whilst the GMC investigate them. Dr. Myhill maintains that the GMC have misused their powers in suspending her and then applying sanctions to her practise because no patient has complained, no patient has been harmed and no patient has been put at risk. Indeed the reverse is true – by its actions the GMC have damaged patients directly.

At her last hearing Dr. Myhill pleaded with the GMC to get on with a proper Fitness to Practice Hearing and she was promised at her March Hearing that one would follow shortly. In order for a Fitness to Practice Hearing to be convened, there are certain legal procedures that have to be followed.

Firstly, the GMC must release to Dr. Myhill what the charges against her are, together with witness statements and expert witness statements. These were promised to Dr. Myhill by the 6th July 2011. The GMC also booked a five week Fitness to Practice Hearing starting on 28th November 2011.

By 6th July 2011 Dr Myhill had heard nothing more from the GMC, i.e. they had failed to deliver on time. At a telephone conference, the GMC said that they would need a further six weeks to prepare its case and therefore Dr. Myhill has demanded that the Fitness to Practice Hearing is postponed by a further six weeks in order to allow her to prepare her case.

It is Dr. Myhill’s contention that in their prosecution of her, the GMC have broken the laws of the land with respect to privacy and the Data Protection Act, right to a fair trial and furthermore the GMC have violated their own internal procedures.

The GMC can only subject a doctor to an Interim Orders Panel for a maximum of 18 months. Therefore at the end of October there will have to be a High Court Hearing where the GMC apply to extend the IOP order on Dr. Myhill. She will be present at that Hearing to contest their application.

Dr. Myhill has applied to the GMC under Rule 28 Procedures to have a Hearing and all allegations against her dropped. She has yet to get a proper response back from the GMC with respect to this application.

She has a further GMC IOP hearing on 26 July 2011 where she will again apply for all sanctions on her practise to be lifted.


The above originally appeared here.



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