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ME/CFS colouring book

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Visit ME!: SMEA's Colouring BookVisit ME! is a colouring book by Danish author Vivian Hvenegaard and her eldest daughter Frederikke, and it follows the adventures of SMEA the little forest slug.

The book is dedicated to children with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS, G93.3) and to children who know somebody suffering from this severe disorder.

You can download the book here.

SMEAHere's a word from SMEA:

Hi, nice to meet you, how are you?

I'm SMEA, the little forest slug who lives in a big and beautiful tree in the wood called Slugwood. That's where all the other forest slugs also live.

I have been affected by ME for quite some years now and I've still not recovered, but I'm certainly better now than I was years ago.

I love colouring sketches. I was thinking that you also might like to colour, so therefore here is my new book without colours! Then you can paint the drawings, like you want them to be.

Please, come into the wood with me and see how we live...

You can download my Colouring Book, Visit ME here:

And here are a few words about Vivian Hvenegaard and the book:

Visit ME: SMEA's Colouring Book

Text and layout: Vivian Hvenegaard
Sketch: Vivian and Frederikke Hvenegaard
© Hvenegaards Forlag 2009

Originally, the Christmas drawings in Visit ME, SMEA's Colouring Book were meant as a sequel to the children's book SMEA Life at a Snail's Pace published in Denmark in 1999. However a decline of the author Vivian Hvenegaard's ME put an end to the huge work with drawing and painting materials for a new book, and the project was shelved for many years.

The inspiration to the stories about SMEA and the snail-symbol of the Danish ME/CFS Association developed years ago when Vivian's youngest daughter Susanne and a friend, both affected by ME, made a snail race. Among the audience where Dr. David Bell and Jill Moss the founder of AYME in England, both were guest speakers at a ME-workshop in Denmark.

The two girls had the viewers by the palm of their hands while they were having a lot of fun making the snails' race properly and in the right direction. Quite some snails were disqualified, as they tried to take an easy ride on the houses of their competitors.

The name SMEA was formed from the initial letters of the four youngest ME children diagnosed with ME in the Danish ME/CFS Association back in the late 90's, whereas DEKS were the initials of the four youngest children in the association in 2007 which, incidentally, happened to be boys.

When Frederikke, who is Vivian Hvenegaard's oldest daughter, went on maternity leave in 2007, Vivian asked her if she might fancy making some additional drawings for a colouring book.

Frederikke is qualified as a designer in the clothing industry. In her spare time she is an art performer. She also has a thorough knowledge of ME, as both her parents and a sibling were affected by ME in 1995. Consequently she had to provide her ME family with much practical help, and has been a great blessing for them, especially during the first tough years when the disease was exacerbating.

Vivian Hvenegaard is the owner and editor of the website which publishes information and news about ME and CFS in Denmark.

• Visit SMEA at (free download)
• Visit Frederikke's Art Gallery at

You can download the colouring book here, as well as read SMEA Life at Snail's Pace (in English and Danish), a Young Person's guide to CFS/ME (in English) and much more.



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