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Paul Cheney talk

Thursday 21 May 2009

Dr Paul CheneyUS ME/CFS specialistDr Paul Cheney(pictured) spoke recently at a lecture. He spoke for three hours on a wide range of treatment options for ME/CFS.

Chris, a member of the ProHealth ME/CFS message boards, attended the talk and his report is available here.

If you have trouble accessing that page, try this one.


Update (22 May 2009):

Member Judy Roget has offered a few corrections to errors she's discovered in Chris's report:

Corrections to Chris's articles

I haven't seen the video yet but based on what I know as a current Cheney patient, Cheney patient Group Moderator and after working for 27 years as a medical scientist, Chris’s overview/report contains a number of factual errors. For ease of reference, I have numbered most of the paragraphs or lines in Chris’s report - see below. The original quotes in this document are in italics.


(10) "With his testing method, Cheney detects "a 21% loss in energy in 30 seconds" when oxygen is administered to patients."

This may have been either an example or an average as I know that different patients have different degrees of energy loss as reflected by an increase in IVRT on echocardiography with oxygen administration.

(12) "This includes damage to red blood cells."

Red blood cells are not damaged, rather the way oxygen is carried by the red blood cells is altered.

(16) "For years Cheney has used a LMW peptide called Kutapressin. In recent years he has added other Cell-Signaling Factors (adrenal, thymus, heart, kidney, and bran). Cheney makes his own, presumably a gel. The one for the heart is from bison."

Dr Cheney no longer uses Kutapressin. He currently uses five cell signaling factors to treat his patients: bison heart, bison liver, bison kidney, bison pancreas and porcine brain. Adrenal and thymus and porcine liver (pigs are scavengers and their P450 systems cause an adverse response in most CFS patients) are only used for testing purposes. Dr Cheney currently manufactures the treatment cell signaling factors mixed in a base of golden jojoba oil for transdermal application to the inner arm from wrist to armpit.

(17) "He finds that the adrenal and thymus and liver create the most "backflash", i.e. loss of energy, and that the pancreas, brain and heart CSFs bring the most energy response."

Porcine liver produces the adverse response whereas bison liver produces improved response.

(32) "At normal human Redox environment, we are at our highest energy set point. At this normal redox set point, no virus cannot replicate."

At the highest redox point, no virus can replicate but bacteria can. Therefore treatment is pulsed to achieve the highest redox state but then tapered back to a normal redox state to prevent bacterial infection.

(33) "It shifts redox state to normal."

It shifts the redox state of CFS patients to normal using a pulsed protocol.

(38) "Cheney treatment"

This should read "Cheney treatments include" as there is more to the current protocol.

(40) "Trying to supplement glutathione directly leads to increased oxidative glutathione."

Supplementing with glutathione leads to increased oxidized (the low energy form) glutathione.

(43) "Supplementing with glutathione is unproductive and only raises oxidative glutathione."

Oxidative glutathione should read oxidized (the low energy form) glutathione.

(45) "he mentioned Dr. Reardon and his stem cell work in Autism"

Chris means Dr Neil Riordan.

Thanks, Judy.



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