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Phoenix Rising – ‘Cracking the Foundations’ edition

Friday 27 February 2009

CFS Phoenix Phoenix Rising is an informative newsletter put out monthly by American CFS sufferer Cort Johnson on his website CFS Phoenix.

You can subscribe to the newsletter as well as download each issue.

The latest from Cort is the ‘Cracking the Foundations’ edition:

Phoenix Rising: ‘Cracking the Foundations’ edition

Here’s Cort’s introduction:

Welcome to 'Cracking the Foundations' a special edition of Phoenix Rising . If you read one edition of Phoenix Rising all year I suggest that you read this one. How might the Lab 'crack' the foundations of this disease? By obliterating the idea that ME/CFS is an obscure difficult to understand disease that's not amenable to analysis using our current techniques.

The Pacific Fatigue Lab is doing this by using ordinary, well-accepted medical tests (done slightly differently) to demonstrate unique abnormalities in ME/CFS patients. Every doctor is familiar with these tests, every hospital has the equipment. If their work holds up it will be an astounding achievement - possibly even a new dawn for this disease's sufferers. Are there 'ifs', and 'buts'? Yes, there are - there always are - but the possibilities are great.

If you think the work is valuable please drop the University of the Pacifc administrators a short e-mail thanking them for their support - a very rare thing in academia. Their e-mail addresses are supplied in the newsletter.

Check 'Cracking the Foundations' out at There's also a link to a PDF file on the page; simply click it and you can download a clean copy of the newsletter. It's a new home for Phoenix Rising and a new website - still tweaky - but mostly functioning. The website will continue to change over the forseeable future as new features are added.

Last month I asked for people with database experience and the results exceeded my expectations. (Thank you AK!). Phoenix Rising will, by hook or crook, attain non-profit status this year. If anyone with experience at that can provide some tips I would love to hear from them. (

Next up - a two part interview with Dr. Friedberg on treating ME/CFS.

Yours truly,

Cort Johnson

Phoenix Rising - An ME/CFS Website at



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