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ME/CFS South Australia Inc supports the needs of sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related illnesses. We do this by providing services and information to members.


ME/CFS South Australia Inc aims to keep members informed of various research projects, diets, medications, therapies, news items, etc. All communication, both verbal and written, is merely to disseminate information and not to make recommendations or directives.

Unless otherwise stated, the views expressed on this Web site are not necessarily the official views of the Society or its Committee and are not simply an endorsement of products or services.

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2020 Brain Health Research Centre Lecture
Sunday 6 December 2020: Emeritus Professor Warren Tate's 2020 BHRC Lecture, entitled "Understanding the biological basis of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and its sudden increase in public profile with COVID-19".

AMA COVID-19 Daily Video Update: Patient, Physician Share Their Experiences As COVID-19 Long Haulers
Saturday 24 October 2020: A video from the American Medical Association.

GoFundMe Page Set Up For Canadian Man Suffering From CFS
Monday 28 September 2020: A GoFundMe page has been set up to help a Canadian man who is suffering from ME/CFS.

A Place In The Sun Buyer Who Walked Away Over 'Heartbreaking' Health Battle Reveals Dream Isn't Over As She Opens Up On Condition
Saturday 12 September 2020: Fans of UK TV show A Place in the Sun fans were left heartbroken when one couple, Gary and Claire, had to walk away from their dream home over a battle with Fibromyalgia.

Kylie Maslen On Living With Invisible Illness
Wednesday 2 September 2020: A radio interview with South Australian author and chronic illness sufferer Kylie Maslen.

Will COVID-19 Lead To ME/CFS In Some People?
Sunday 30 August 2020: A video from the Solve M.E. 2020 Webinar entitled "Will COVID-19 Lead to ME/CFS in Some People" by Dr. Anthony L. Komaroff.

Matt Hancock Admits He Is 'Worried' About The 'Debilitating' Health Problems That Plague Covid-19 'Long-Haulers' For Months
Friday 17 July 2020: British Health Secretary Matt Hancock today admitted he is 'worried' about the long term health impacts plaguing coronavirus survivors.

'I Felt Like A Prisoner In My Own Home'
Thursday 18 June 2020: A profile of UK Fibromyalgia sufferer Rebecca Browne.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Sunday 7 June 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

Dialogues - Severe & Very Severe ME/CFS
Thursday 4 June 2020: A video from the UK discussing severe ME/CFS.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Saturday 30 May 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

Dialogues - Severe & Very Severe ME/CFS
Thursday 28 May 2020: A video from the UK discussing severe ME/CFS.

INIM Webinar - Understanding ME/CFS Today: A Clinical & Research Approach
Saturday 23 May 2020: A video from the NSU Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Saturday 23 May 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

What Do We Know About The Long Term Effects Of Surviving COVID-19?
Friday 22 May 2020: A video from Doctor Oz and ME/CFS researcher Dr Ian Lipkin.

Tuesday 19 May 2020: A song by Australia ME/CFS sufferer Sarah Hunter.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Saturday 16 May 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Saturday 9 May 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Saturday 2 May 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Saturday 25 April 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Saturday 18 April 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Saturday 11 April 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Saturday 4 April 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Saturday 28 March 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Saturday 21 March 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) & ME/CFS
Saturday 14 March 2020: Advice from US ME/CFS specialist Nancy Klimas, MD.

Study Seeks Clues To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Saturday 11 January 2020: A video of research being conducted at the US National Institutes of Health.

UK General Election 2019: Veterans Call For Better Healthcare And Benefits
Tuesday 3 December 2019: A UK veteran who was hurt while serving in the air force hopes the next government can make a fairer benefits system.

Battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Through Music
Thursday 7 November 2019: A profile of UK musician and ME/CFS sufferer Alice Ella.

I'm A 22-Year-Old With Fibromyalgia | Invisible Illness | Health
Wednesday 6 November 2019: A profile of US Fibromyalgia sufferer Bel Banta.

ME/CFS Benefit Concert With Marian Call
Friday 18 October 2019: Singer-songwriter Marian Call performed at the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma, California on October 5, 2019, in support of efforts to combat ME/CFS.

The 9 TV Characters I Love To Watch Because Of Their Chronic Illness Or Disability
Thursday 17 October 2019: A list of Jessica Woods' favorite performances on television concerning people with less than perfect health.

More Funding For ME Research
Saturday 5 October 2019: A video from Member of European Parliament Rory Palmer.

2019 WEGO Health Awards Winner For Lifetime Achievement, Tom Kindlon
Wednesday 25 September 2019: This year's 2019 WEGO Health Awards Winner for Lifetime Achievement is Irish ME/CFS advocate and sufferer Tom Kindlon.

Living With Chronic Illness: 'I Didn't Look In A Mirror For Five Years'
Thursday 15 August 2019: A profile of UK Fibromyalgia and Scleroma sufferer Hannah Shewan Stevens.

This Is ME - Documentary
Tuesday 23 July 2019: A short documentary on the life of Australian ME/CFS sufferer Krista Callinan.

UK Woman With Fibromyalgia Eases Pain With Challenges
Thursday 27 June 2019: A profile of UK Fibromyalgia sufferer Victoria Hotson.

US Doctor Discovers Promising Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia Patients
Thursday 20 June 2019: A University of Texas Medical Branch doctor thinks he's made a discovery that could treat the pain associated with Fibromyalgia.

Lyme Disease Has 'Dominated' My Life
Wednesday 19 June 2019: A profile of Scottish Lyme Disease sufferer Morven-May MacCallum.

Shaping The Future Of Disability Policy In Australia For 2020 And Beyond
Thursday 6 June 2019: Information about the Australian Government's National Disability Strategy 2010-2020.

18 Songs That Were Written About Chronic Illness
Thursday 6 June 2019: An article by chronic illness advocate Paige Wyant.

Craniosacral Therapy Relieves Fibromyalgia Pain
Tuesday 4 June 2019: A profile of US Fibromyalgia sufferer Valerie Destito, whose symptoms were relieved with craniosacral therapy.

Whole Genome Sequencing And Analysis Of ME/CFS
Friday 31 May 2019: A video from the Solve ME/CFS Initiative.

Solve ME/CFS Initiative: Your Advocacy In Action – ME/CFS Senate Resolution Passed!
Saturday 25 May 2019: The US Senate Resolution in support of International Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day is now the official stance of the US Senate and the US House.

Victims Rally Outside US State Capitol: 'Don't Punish Me For My Pain'
Friday 24 May 2019: Over a dozen people rallied on the steps of the Virginia State Capitol to protest what they said are the unintended consequences of the crackdown of the opioid epidemic.

How Poetry Helps Me Face An Invisible Illness
Thursday 16 May 2019: A profile of US Fibromyalgia sufferer Chloe Hoy-Bianchi.

CanaryPod: Topple Uncaged Meets… The Millions Missing: All Six Episodes
Wednesday 15 May 2019: A series of six podcasts with six different guests.

Test Can Spot Whether You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Stanford And UC Scientists Say
Tuesday 23 April 2019: Researchers at Stanford University and UC Irvine appear close to giving people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome something they have wanted for decades: a biological test that diagnoses their disease.

Northern Ireland Women Describe The Impact Of Fibromyalgia
Sunday 28 April 2019: A profile of two women from Northern Ireland with Fibromyalgia.

Growing Medicinal Cannabis: 'I'm Not A Criminal'
Thursday 18 April 2019: A profile of UK Fibromyalgia sufferer Carly Barton.

VIDEO: New Video Lands Providing Practical Tips For Wheelchair Users Travelling By Plane
Thursday 18 April 2019: UK company Drive DeVilbiss has released a video with simple tips for wheelchair users planning to travel by plane.

Woman Dismayed Over Compassion House Bust
Wednesday 10 April 2019: A Canadian woman with Fibromyalgia has concerns about how she'll cope after a bust at what police call an illegal cannabis storefront.

People Are Having Extremely Mixed Reactions To Lena Dunham's New Tattoo
Friday 5 April 2019: US actress and chronic illness sufferer Lena Dunham has a new tattoo with the single word "Sick", and her fans have reacted in various ways.

The PACE Trial And Why CFS Patients Don't Get Treatment
Sunday 3 March 2019: A video on YouTube in which US journalist and ME/CFS advocate David Tuller discusses the PACE Trial, a study that claimed that ME/CFS can be cured with therapy and exercise.

Solving The Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sunday 3 March 2019: A collaborative Jackson Laboratory research center led by Derya Unutmaz, MD, is diving deep into the biology of ME/CFS patients to find a root cause, which may lie in their own immune systems.

PIP Appeals: 'I've Been Treated Like A Liar And A Fake'
Sunday 3 March 2019: A woman from Cardiff says she was made to feel like a "liar and a fake" after going through an eight-month process and a tribunal to get support for her disability.

Reminder: Two Weeks Left To Register For Advocacy Day On Capitol Hill!
Thursday 21 February 2019: An email from the Solve ME/CFS Initiative.

How Eating Vegan Helped One Woman Manage Her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Tuesday 12 February 2019: A profile of UK ME/CFS sufferer Jessica Michael.

People In Bradford District Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Can Access New Course
Thursday 7 February 2019: A new six-week support course has been launched in the UK for people with ME/CFS.

Fibromyalgia Not Stopping Zi'Asia Zachary From Her Gymnastics Dreams
Thursday 7 February 2019: A profile of US gymnast and Fibromyalgia sufferer Zi'Asia Zachary.

Group Highlights Women's Health At Womxn's March Denver
Sunday 3 February 2019: Among all the people at the Womxn's March Denver there will be one small group, hoping to spread a big message about ME/CFS.

Meet The Professional Cuddler Who Makes $80 An Hour Snuggling Clients
Tuesday 15 January 2019: A profile of professional cuddler and Fibromyalgia sufferer Robin Marie.

Where Is Bros Star Craig Logan Now?
Monday 1 January 2019: A profile of UK musician Craig Logan.

Australian MP Adam Bandt Talks About ME/CFS In Parliament
Wednesday 5 December 2018: Australian MP Adam bandt was proud to formally table in Parliament a petition signed by close to 1,400 people around Australia who are living with ME/CFS.

University Of Minnesota ME/CFS Medical Education Event
Friday 16 November 2018: A video presentation from the University of Minnesota.

TODAY 2018: How Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Leaves Sufferers House-Bound
Tuesday 13 November 2018: Australian television program TODAY's Agenda gets to the bottom of what Chronic Fatigue Syndrome actually is.

Second Annual Community Symposium On The Molecular Basis Of ME/CFS
Tuesday 13 November 2018: A collection of videos from the symposium, sponsored by the Open Medicine Foundation.

UK Man's Angry YouTube Rant About 'Broken Door Lazy Council Won't Fix'
Wednesday 7 November 2018: UK ME/CFS sufferer Alan Ganly has branded his two-year stay at his flat in Pearson Park as a 'nightmare'.

Portsmouth Woman Writes Song To Say Thanks To Charity For Assistance Dog That Changed Her Life
Tuesday 6 November 2018: UK ME/CFS sufferer Rahcel Rawlings has written a song about her assistance dog.

What Questions To Ask A Doctor About Fibromyalgia Or Getting Diagnosed
Monday 5 November 2018: A video by Australian Fibromyalgia sufferer Jessica Stephens Young.

'Cured By Chopin'
Sunday 28 October 2018: The First United Methodist Church of Milton in Florida will hold a classical piano concert, “Cured by Chopin”, featuring pianist and ME/CFS sufferer Robert Holtzclaw.

ME And Chronic Fatigue: 'Some Doctors Don't Believe You're Sick'
Saturday 27 October 2018: A 22-year-old Welsh woman who suffers from ME/CFS says some doctors do not believe the disease exists and patients struggle to get the care and support they need.

BRETT LIDBURY - Finding ME/CFS Biomarkers Using Big Data & Collaboration
Saturday 20 October 2018: Australian ME/CFS advocate Gusto Cohen interviews Associate Professor Brett Lidbury to discuss his role in using massive data sets and working with multiple labs to draw insights into ME/CFS.

Chronic Pain Patients Rally, Say They Are Being Punished By New Opioid Guidelines
Saturday 20 October 2018: US chronic pain patients held a rally because they say they are being punished by recent CDC guidelines that discourage doctors from writing prescriptions for pain medication.

MCS: The Illness Crippling Australians, Dismissed By Doctors
Tuesday 9 October 2018: A segment on SBS Viceland's The Feed about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Australia.

SMCI President Carol Head On The Complexities Of Studying, Funding, Treating ME/CFS
Tuesday 9 October 2018: An interview with Solve ME/CFS Initiative president Carol Head.

Watch Belle & Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch Talk Chronic Fatigue Syndrome On CNN
Tuesday 9 October 2018: Scottish musician and ME/CFS sufferer Stuart Murdoch featured in an interview on CNN's Turning Points With Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

CMRC2018 Conference: First Films Now Available
Sunday 7 October 2018: On 19 and 20 September, the UK CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative (CMRC) welcomed people living with M.E., scientists, clinicians and industry experts to its fifth annual science conference in Bristol, and films of conference presentations are now available.

Lavigne Keeps 'Head Above Water' With Lyme Disease
Sunday 23 September 2018: A profile of Canadian musician and Lyme Disease sufferer Avril Lavigne.

Australian MP Adam Bandt Talks About ME/CFS in Parliament
Thursday 20 September 2018: Australian Member of Parliament Adam Bandt has mentioned ME/CFS in Parliament.

Action Alert: Federal ME/CFS Advisory Committee Eliminated
Saturday 8 September 2018: An urgent message from the Solve ME/CFS Initiative.

Fibromyalgia: 'Like Red Hot Lava Radiating Through My Body'
Sunday 2 September 2018: A video from the BBC about living with Fibromyalgia.

'My Robot Makes Me Feel Like I Haven't Been Forgotten'
Saturday 1 September 2018: A profile of UK teenage ME/CFS sufferer Zoe Johnson.

Stars Of New Netflix Series About Chronic Illness Slam The Show For Making Them Look 'Crazy' - After Off-Camera Tests Proved They Are Sane
Saturday 25 August 2018: The subjects of the new Netflix documentary series about chronic disease, Afflicted, have come out in force against the film, asserting that its makers misrepresented their conditions as 'psychosomatic.'

Disabled Hull Man's Anger At 'Uncompassionate' Binmen
Thursday 23 August 2018: A UK ME/CFS sufferer has criticised "uncompassionate" binmen after he was left with heart palpitations while trying to move bins which blocked a pathway leading up to his home.

The Truth Behind Netflix's 'Afflicted'
Tuesday 21 August 2018: Responses to the Netflix docuseries Afflicted.

Lady Gaga Talks Battling Fibromyalgia During A Star Is Born
Tuesday 14 August 2018: US entertainer and Fibromyalgia sufferer Lady Gaga talks about living with the disease and how it affected her during the making of her latest movie.

Lack Of Funding Forces UK Charity To Cut Services For Young People With Debilitating Disease
Tuesday 14 August 2018: ME North East says it has been unable to find the cash needed to help youngsters who have ME/CFS.

Lifting The Fog On Fibromyalgia
Friday 10 August 2018: A profile of New Zealand Fibromyalgia sufferer Ben Harris.

UK Film Maker Drafts Sequel For ME Drama After 'Crazy' Response
Wednesday 8 August 2018: The second episode of a drama series which seeks to raise awareness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is already in the making.

'Vindication' For Woman Who Wanted ME On Death Certificate
Sunday 29 July 2018: The family of only the second person in the UK to have ME recorded on their death certificate say they feel "vindicated" by the ruling.

US Woman Who Lived With Chronic Illnesses For 44 Years Gets Relief
Tuesday 24 July 2018: A profile of US Fibromyalgia sufferer Cindy Tedrow.

'Potentially Harmful And Old-Fashioned' Chronic Fatigue Treatments Under Review
Friday 20 July 2018: A news segment aired on Australian ABC's 7.30 program.

Botched Mold Removal Causes Debilitating Illness, Lawsuit Says
Friday 20 July 2018: A profile of US ME/CFS and MCS sufferer Annette Davis.

ME/CFS Alert Video: Interview With Dr David M Systrom
Friday 13 July 2018: An interview with ME/CFS researcher Dr David M Systrom.

The Unintentional Victims Of The War On Opioids
Friday 13 July 2018: Chronic pain sufferers in the United States are facing another obstacle in their daily quest to manage their pain: the government's crackdown on opioid painkillers.

'The Past Two Years Have Felt Like My Darkest Moments': One Young Woman's Battle With Lyme Disease
Sunday 1 July 2018: A profile of UK Lyme Disease sufferer India Matthews.

MP Carol Monaghan Leads Campaign For New ME Treatment
Tuesday 26 June 2018: ME/CFS is incorrectly treated, lacks sufficient funding and is poorly understood by many in the medical profession, according to a UK MP who has been campaigning in Parliament to change attitudes.

Belle And Sebastian Tackle Human Problems
Friday 22 June 2018: Belle and Sebastian's Stevie Jackson talks about the band's longevity, Stuart Murdoch's ME/CFS, among other things.

Sam Duluk Speaks In South Australian Parliament About ME/CFS
Thursday 21 June 2018: South Australian MP Sam Duluk spoke about ME/CFS in the Parliament of South Australia.

My Battle With Fibromyalgia: Some Days I'm Crippled With Pain But I Won't Let It Hold Me Back
Thursday 14 June 2018: A profile of UK Fibromyalgia sufferer Charlotte Mole.

Video: Tips For Carers
Wednesday 13 June 2018: Connor, who cares full-time for his partner Sharon, talks about how to support someone who has ME.

13-Year-Old, Woman's Rescue Of Boy From Drowning In Pool Caught On Camera
Wednesday 13 June 2018: A young friend and woman are now considered heroes after they teamed up to perform the incredible rescue of a boy drowning in a pool.

David Tuller Talk In Adelaide, 10 April 2018
Saturday 9 June 2018: A video from Society member Bronwyn Caldwell.

Cornish Castle Helps Wounded War Veterans' Recovery
Saturday 2 June 2018: A Cornish castle has been helping war veterans and wounded service personnel relax and recover.

A Woman's Life With Lupus And Fibromyalgia
Thursday 31 May 2018: A profile of US Lupus and Fibromyalgia sufferer Miranda Gradnigo.

Fibromyalgia: Symptoms Of Painful Condition Revealed - Are You At Risk?
Thursday 31 May 2018: An article from the UK's Daily Express about Fibromyalgia.

Ravyn's Doll: A Fibromyalgia Awareness Campaign
Wednesday 30 May 2018: A video featuring a children's book about Fibromyalgia.

New $1 Million Donation For ME/CFS Research
Friday 25 May 2018: The Open Medicine Foundation has announced that it has received a $1 million pledge to further research into ME/CFS.

UK Dad With Incurable Illness Pens Song For Charity Album
Tuesday 22 May 2018: A UK dad who suffers from Fibromyalgia has penned a song for a new charity album which is hoped to raise funds and help those battling the condition.

US Woman Struggling With Rare Illness That Leaves Patients Bedridden, Doctors Bewildered
Saturday 19 May 2018: A profile of US artist and ME/CFS sufferer Susan Henderson.

Bob Dylan's 'Blowin' In The Wind' Has Been Re-Imagined For The 'Millions Missing': Part Two
Monday 14 May 2018: An author and campaigner who transformed a Bob Dylan classic into a song for millions of chronically ill people believes that only once a major medical scandal is fully exposed can the answers people are looking for be found.

May 12 Is ME/CFS Awareness Day
Saturday 12 May 2018: A video from Carol Head, CEO of the Solve ME/CFS Initiative, to commemorate International ME/CFS Awareness Month.

You Can Ask That! Getting Real About ME/CFS And Fibromyalgia
Saturday 12 May 2018: A video from Invisible Illness Warriors.

Chronic Fatigue: I Was 'Held Hostage By ME'
Thursday 10 May 2018: An article by UK ME/CFS sufferer Lizzie Mitchell.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment 'Should Be Withdrawn'
Wednesday 9 May 2018: A common treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome should be scrapped immediately, according to one of the UK's leading experts in the illness.

A Song For ME: Blowin' In The Wind
Sunday 29 April 2018: A cover version of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' In The Wind" with new lyrics by UK ME/CFS sufferer Robert Saunders.

Female Filmmakers Discuss Need For Confidence In Securing Financing
Saturday 28 April 2018: US documentary filmmaker and ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea participated in a "Demystifying Film Financing: Two Case Studies" panel, hosted by the Sundance Institute and Women in Film.

Rock Stars Rally To Raise Funds For UK's First Fibromyalgia Centre In Deeside
Wednesday 25 April 2018: With the support of rock stars and politicians, David Williams aims to pave the way for better treatment for Fibromyalgia.

David Tuller - Discussing PACE, Crowdfunding, ME/CFS Journalism, And Australia
Friday 20 April 2018: A video interview with US ME/CFS advocate David Tuller in Australia.

Scientists Discover Some Kissing (Disease) Cousins
Friday 20 April 2018: Scientists at the Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation in the US report that the Epstein-Barr virus increases the risk of some people developing major diseases.

David Tuller Video Q&A
Wednesday 18 April 2018: A video Q&A with ME/CFS advocate David Tuller and members of the 'Young ME/CFS Australians 18-40' Facebook group.

Fighting Disbelief: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Monday 16 April 2018: A video on ME/CFS in Australia from SBS's The Feed.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms - Why You Should Never Ignore Frequent Headaches
Wednesday 11 April 2018: An article about Fibromyalgia published in UK newspaper the Express.

Fighting Disbelief: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Thursday 5 April 2018: A video on ME/CFS in Australia from SBS's The Feed.

Feeling Tired: Do You Have Extreme Tiredness Or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Sunday 25 March 2018: Signs of ME/CFS are similar to many common illnesses, but the UK's NHS distinguishes the difference.

State Of California Sues Company Over Weed Spray That Sickens Woman Living Near Railroad Tracks
Saturday 24 March 2018: The state of California is suing the North County Transit District over its failure to maintain accommodations made for an Oceanside woman sickened by the herbicides it uses to kill weeds along its railroad track.

Derby Man With Painful Condition Takes On Amazing Challenge For Little Cancer Sufferer
Sunday 18 March 2018: A 21-stone welder from the UK with Fibromyalgia is defying medical advice and running a half-marathon to raise money for a little girl who was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

Check Out This Bloke Entering A World Of Pain Eating The World's Hottest Chilli
Sunday 11 March 2018: Angus Cohen put the world's hottest chilli in his mouth to raise awareness for ME/CFS.

ProHealth 2017 Advocate Of The Year: Jennifer Brea
Tuesday 6 March 2018: Documentary filmmaker and ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea has been awarded "Advocate of the Year" by ProHealth.

Living With ME: Gary Burgess Shares His Story
Wednesday 28 February 2018: A profile of UK TV journalist and ME/CFS sufferer Gary Burgess.

I Used To Run Marathons But Now There Are Days I Can't Even Dress Myself - The Pain Of Living With Fibromyalgia
Monday 19 February 2018: A profile of UK Fibromyalgia sufferer Jag Cunliffe.

UK Woman With ME/CFS Says She Has Lost Her Life Savings After Amazon Account Hacked
Saturday 17 February 2018: A UK artist with ME/CFS says she has lost her life savings after her account was emptied when someone hacked into her Amazon account and bought almost £4,500 worth of goods.

Inspiring Disabled Artist Creates Stunning Exhibition With The Help Of Hull's Homeless
Tuesday 13 February 2018: A profile of UK artists and ME/CFS sufferer Jason Wilsher-Mills.

Watch Lucy Rose's "Strangest Of Ways" Music Video
Saturday 10 February 2018: UK singer Lucy Rose has produced a new music video that features one of her fans, ME/CFS sufferer Zoe.

Robin, A Free Kiwi-Made Game About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Saturday 10 February 2018: A Kiwi game about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is available now on Steam for the princely sum of zero dollars and zero cents.

UK Disabled Man Fined By Cornwall Council Parking Officers Twice Despite Having Adapted Vehicle And Clear Signs
Tuesday 6 February 2018: Derek Gibbin, a man from St Austell who suffers from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, has slammed Cornwall Council for wrongly giving him parking tickets on two separate occasions.

'Unrest' Shines A Light On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Wednesday 31 January 2018: An article about ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea's documentary, Unrest.

Danielle Lloyd's Mum, Jackie, On Living With Fibromyalgia And Depression
Tuesday 30 January 2018: A profile of UK Fibromyalgia sufferer Jackie Lloyd.

Morgan Freeman Wore A Single Glove To The SAG Awards
Wednesday 24 January 2018: An article about US actor Morgan Freeman's struggles with health, including Fibromyalgia.

UK Woman Who's Spent £20,000 Dressing Like A Doll To Cope With Pain Of Fibromyalgia Divides 'This Morning' Viewers
Saturday 20 January 2018: A UK woman who has spent £20,000 dressing up like a doll says it helps her deal with the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia.

2018 Invisible No More® Campaign
Friday 19 January 2018: The Invisible Disabilities® Association in conjunction with disability benefits representative Allsup have produced a video entitled "I Am Invisible No More".

This New Documentary On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is A Must-See – And Not For The Reason You Think
Thursday 18 January 2018: An article in Vogue magazine about Unrest, the documentary by ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea.

Discovery Forum 2017: Presentation Of Dr. Ian Lipkin, Columbia University
Friday 12 January 2018: A video from the Solve ME/CFS Initiative's 2nd Annual Discovery Forum, featuring ME/CFS researcher Dr Ian Lipkin.

UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative Conference 2017
Wednesday 10 January 2018: A report on the UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative's conference for 2017.

Time For Unrest: Why Patients With ME Are Demanding Justice
Monday 8 January 2018: An article about the impact the ME/CFS documentary Unrest is having on audiences.

Jennifer Brea On How She Directed 'Unrest' From Bed: Oscar Shortlisted Doc On Life With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sunday 7 January 2018: An article about how US ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea made her documentary Unrest.

What 'Downsizing' Got Right (And Wrong) About Pain
Sunday 31 December 2017: An article about the movie Downsizing.

They Told Me My Illness Was All In My Head. Was It Because I'm A Woman?
Friday 29 December 2017: An article by US ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea.

Amazing: See How A Disabled Grandmother Can Now Play Football With Her Grandchildren
Wednesday 27 December 2017: A profile of UK Fibromyalgia sufferer Deb Carey.

Woman With Fibromyalgia Sues Carlsbad Police Department For Excessive Use Of Force
Thursday 28 December 2017: A US woman with Fibromyalgia says a police officer from a southern New Mexico police department got unnecessarily rough with her, then made fun of her.

Discovery Forum 2017 Videos
Friday 22 December 2017: Videos from the Solve ME/CFS Initiative's Discovery Forum 2017 featuring US ME/CFS researchers Dr Vicky Whittemore and Dr Maureen Hanson.

Cannabis Oil Sparks Astonishing Recovery Of Teen Who Missed Eight Years Of School Due To Chronic Fatigue
Wednesday 20 December 2017: A profile of UK teenage ME/CFS sufferer Tom Bethell whose use of cannabis oil has proved remarkably helpful.

Sneak Peek: One Woman's Unshakeable Exhaustion
Tuesday 19 December 2017: US ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to talk about the disease and her documentary Unrest.

Blackpool Hotelier Singing For M.E. In Name Of Love
Tuesday 12 December 2017: A UK hotelier sang his heart out in the hope of supporting research into a debilitating condition that struck down his once healthy partner.

Unrest Screening Sponsors
Sunday 10 December 2017: We would like to pay a special thanks to the nine South Australian sponsors who so very generously supported our recent event, the Adelaide premiere of the award-winning documentary, Unrest, on 9 November 2017.

Unrest Documentary On Oscars Shortlist
Saturday 9 December 2017: The ME/CFS documentary Unrest has been placed on the shortlist for the Documentary Feature category in the 90th Academy Awards®.

Deadline Looming For Woman Searching For A Safe Home
Tuesday 5 December 2017: A video from Canadian news station Toronto CityNews.

JENNIE: MECFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Thursday 30 November 2017: A video from US news broadcaster WJBF News Channel 6's Jennie program.

About ME: Shining A Light On A Debilitating Disease Many Believe Doesn't Exist
Thursday 30 November 2017: An article in The Irish Times about the ME/CFS documentary Unrest by filmmaker and ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea.

This Life With Gracie: What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Wednesday 29 November 2017: A profile of US ME/CFS sufferer Liz Burlingame.

Former Basketball Star Donald Watts' Life With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sunday 26 November 2017: An interview with former US basketballer and ME/CFS sufferer Donald Watts.

A Film Directed From Bed Tells The Story Of A Woman With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sunday 26 November 2017: An article about Unrest, a documentary by filmmaker and ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea.

Young Woman Trapped At Home In Constant Pain Stripped Of Benefits In Time For Christmas
Friday 24 November 2017: Faye Dempsey, a UK Fibromyalgia sufferer in such constant agony that she said she could barely leave her home, has been stripped of her benefits.

A Movie David Goes Against A Goliath Of A Disease
Monday 20 November 2017: A review of the ME/CFS documentary Unrest.

How To Scratch That Gaming Itch On A Budget
Monday 20 November 2017: A review of the ME/CFS game Robin.

Discovery Forum 2017: An Interview With Dr Ian Lipkin
Thursday 16 November 2017: An interview on YouTube with Dr Ian Lipkin, director of the Center for Infection & Immunity at Columbia University and the director of the new NIH-funded Center for Solutions for ME/CFS.

It's Well Past Time For 'Unrest', A Game-Changing New Doco About ME/CFS
Wednesday 15 November 2017: A review of ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea's documentary Unrest.

SAHMRI Researchers In Hunt To Find Cure For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Thursday 2 November 2017: Adelaide researchers are hoping to unlock the mystery of a debilitating illness that has no officially approved medical treatment but affects tens of thousands of Australians each year – and many more globally.

Smoker Wins Art Award Worth £10,000
Monday 30 October 2017: UK artist Sam Bailey has won the HIX Award with his painting Smoker 3, and the runner-up prize went to Ella Husbands for Embodied Distortion, an artwork that connects the viewer with the artist’s personal experience of sensory distortion brought about by the early stages of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Interview With Jennifer Brea
Friday 27 October 2017: Jennifer Brea, director of the new movie Unrest, talks about her personal documentary and her struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Could This Documentary Change The Way We Perceive Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Wednesday 25 October 2017: An article in UK newspaper The Telegraph about the history of ME/CFS and Unrest, a documentary by filmmaker and ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea.

This Mysterious Condition Affects Millions More Than MS - But You Probably Don't Know It
Tuesday 24 October 2017: A new documentary, Unrest, aims to shine a light on a condition that has been ignored for too long.

'Doctors Call It Bull**** Disease - But I Can't Get Out Of Bed'
Monday 23 October 2017: A profile of UK entertainer and ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia sufferer Faye Dempsey.

Unrest Review – Bracingly Inventive And Moving
Monday 23 October 2017: A review of Unrest, a documentary by filmmaker and ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea.

Irish Singer Bláithín Carney On Fighting Illness And Beating Ed Sheeran To The Top Of The Charts
Friday 20 October 2017: A profile of Irish singer-songwriter and Fibromyalgia sufferer Bláithín Carney.

Unrest Review – Powerful Documentary About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Friday 20 October 2017: A review of Unrest, a documentary by filmmaker and ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Disease Hidden In Plain Sight
Wednesday 18 October 2017: A video of the White House Chronicle show, hosted by Llewellyn King.

Caiti Baker Reveals The Health Battle Which Stalled Her Career Ahead Of Dally M Awards Gig With Briggs
Wednesday 18 October 2017: A profile of Australian hip-pop artist and ME/CFS sufferer Caiti Baker.

Devon Mud Hut Couple "Allergic To Modern Life" Fight Eviction
Thursday 12 October 2017: A UK couple who moved to Devon due to an "allergy to modern life" have almost hit the 50,000 signature mark on a petition set up to prevent them being kicked off their land.

'Unrest' Doc About Chronic Fatigue Making Sure Homebound Audience Has Virtual Access
Tuesday 10 October 2017: Unrest, a movie about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (known as ME), is using an unconventional distribution method to make sure that it is seen by one of its target audiences: homebound sufferers of the disease.

Review: 'Gaga: Five Foot Two' (2017)
Monday 9 October 2017: A review of a documentary about US entertainer Lady Gaga, in which she discusses having Fibromyalgia.

Unrest Adelaide Premiere
Sunday 8 October 2017: Following its international debut at the Sundance Film Festival, the award-winning documentary Unrest is coming to Adelaide.

Millions Of Women Suffer From A Disease That Virtually Sucks The Life Out Of Them – But Doctors Still Don't Take It Seriously
Friday 6 October 2017: An article published in Cosmopolitan, featuring Jennifer Brea and her ME/CFS documentary Unrest.

Filmmaker Opens Up About Illness That Doctors Told Her Was 'All In Her Head'
Sunday 1 October 2017: A video of Jennifer Brea live on Megyn Kelly TODAY.

New Medical Device Successfully Treating Fibromyalgia Pain In The EU
Monday 25 September 2017: An article from medical company AVACEN about one of their products which claims to alleviate Fibromyalgia pain.

Jennifer Brea Documented Her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome On An iPhone So Doctors Would Believe Other Women
Saturday 23 September 2017: An interview with Jennifer Brea about her ME/CFS documentary Unrest.

Review: 'Unrest,' A Personal Account Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Friday 22 September 2017: The New York Times review of Unrest, a documentary by ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea.

Dr Sarah Myhill On Natural Health Worldwide
Thursday 21 September 2017: A video by UK ME/CFS researcher and advocate Dr Sarah Myhill.

There's Still One Invisible Illness That People Aren't Talking About
Wednesday 20 September 2017: A profile of musician and ME/CFS sufferer Alice Ella.

Lady Gaga Reveals Chronic Illness, With Fibromyalgia Featuring In Her New Documentary
Thursday 14 September 2017: A profile of US entertainer and Fibromyalgia sufferer Lady Gaga.

Sian's First Tattoo Aged 40 Was A 'Spur Of The Moment Thing'
Monday 11 September 2017: A profile of Australian ME/CFS sufferer Sian Price.

'The Most Common Disease You've Never Seen': How One Woman Turned Her Illness Into A Life-Changing Film
Saturday 9 September 2017: A profile of filmmaker and ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea, whose film Unrest is receiving acclaim for its portrayal of life with ME/CFS.

What Is ME/CFS: A Guide For The Perplexed Friend Or Family Member
Thursday 31 August 2017: A video by Yulia Greyman.

Forbidden Love, Reincarnation And Spitfires Help Author Sherrie Lowe Cope With ME
Friday 18 August 2017: A profile of UK author and ME/CFS sufferer Cheryl Warrilow, who writes under the pen name of Sherrie Lowe.

Why Are Doctors And Patients Still At War Over ME?
Wednesday 16 August 2017: An article about the current state of disunity over ME/CFS.

Robin: ME/CFS Video Game
Tuesday 15 August 2017: Robin is a short slice-of-life game that was made to give some visibility to an invisible illness: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Real? Life-Threatening Condition Can Leave Sufferers Bed Bound
Thursday 10 August 2017: An article by Lauren Clark in the Daily Express about ME/CFS in the UK.

Melbourne International Film Festival Review: Unrest
Monday 7 August 2017: A review of the ME/CFS documentary Unrest.

'Unrest' Gained Great Reviews About Being Screened At The Sundance Film Festival
Thursday 27 July 2017: "Unrest" was so critically acclaimed that it will be arriving in theaters later in 2017.

Unrest Documentary Coming To Australia
Wednesday 26 July 2017: The ME/CFS documentary Unrest will be shown at the Melbourne International Film Festival in August 2017.

Danielle Lloyd's Mum Jackie In Tears On UK TV Show As She Opens Up About Fibromyalgia
Wednesday 26 July 2017: UK Fibromyalgia sufferer Jackie Lloyd had to be supported by pregnant daughter (and UK celebrity) Danielle Lloyd as she was left in tears after revealing her debilitating illness on ITV chat show Lorraine.

Woman Who Uses Opioids For Chronic Pain Says Negative Attention Hurts Legitimate Patients
Monday 17 July 2017: A profile of US Fibromyalgia sufferer and opioid user Anna.

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam Resigns
Saturday 15 July 2017: Australian ME/CFS patients have lost a committed, articulate and caring advocate in Parliament this week, as Greens senator Scott Ludlam has had to resign.

South Florida Native Says Chemical Sensitivity Forced Him To Leave State
Friday 30 June 2017: A profile of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Alan Bell, who is the author of the book Poisoned: How a Crime-Busting Prosecutor Turned His Medical Mystery into a Crusade for Environmental Victims.

Student Spotlight: NMB Student Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia Defies Tough Odds
Thursday 22 June 2017: A profile of US Fibromyalgia sufferer Madelyn Babson.

David Tuller's Campaign – Update
Wednesday 21 June 2017: An update from science journalist David Tuller about his Crowdrise funding campaign.

"City of Ghosts," "Unrest" Take Sheffield Doc/Fest Awards
Friday 16 June 2017: Unrest, documentary by US ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea, was one of two documentaries to win top prizes at the annual Sheffield Doc/Fest Awards in the UK.

I Changed Career In My Fifties... And Was Struck Down By ME
Tuesday 6 June 2017: A profile of UK musician and ME/CFS sufferer Jude Adams.

Florida Woman Gives Chronic Fatigue Patients Hope
Monday 5 June 2017: A profile of US ME/CFS sufferer Mia Isabel Anderson.

Senator Scott Ludlam On Research Investment In ME/CFS
Wednesday 31 May 2017: A video of Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam discussing research investment in ME/CFS.

Crowd-Funding Campaign To Support David Tuller's ME/CFS Work (On The PACE Trial, etc.)
Tuesday 30 May 2017: US Journalist David Tuller is calling on people to support him financially in his work on exposing flaws in the PACE Trial.

California Passes A Resolution For ME/CFS
Sunday 21 May 2017: California has become the sixth US state to pass a resolution for ME/CFS.

Living With 'Invisible' Illness Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Saturday 13 May 2017: A profile of Australian ME/CFS sufferer Hannah Williamson.

Unrest Director Documents Debilitating Life With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Thursday 27 April 2017: A radio interview with US ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea about her documentary movie Unrest.

Monday 24 April 2017: BedFest is a virtual concert on 6 May 2017 to showcase the experience of living with ME/CFS as expressed through song, spoken word, poetry or silent expression in the form of a short video clip or photo.

'It Robs You Of Your Very Being': Life With The Invisible Illness
Sunday 23 April 2017: A profile of UK Fibromyalgia sufferer Jo Allen.

Review: Unrest
Wednesday 5 April 2017: A review of ME/CFS documentary Unrest by ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea.

Musician With ME Produces EP From Her Bed
Monday 3 April 2017: A profile of US musician and ME/CFS sufferer Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm.

SXSW Film: "Unrest" Examines Pain-Riddled Life With Chronic Fatigue
Monday 13 March 2017: An article about US ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea's documentary film Unrest.

Researchers Working To Provide Relief For Sufferers Of Chronic Fatigue
Sunday 12 March 2017: Researchers are now helping those tired of chronic fatigue syndrome.

List Of Medical Marijuana Use May Expand In New Jersey
Tuesday 28 February 2017: A video from US (New Jersey) TV program SNJ Today.

Plaudits For New South African TV News Documentary On ME/CFS
Monday 27 February 2017: A video from South African current affairs TV program Carte Blanche.

Stanford Team Announces Update On ME/CFS Research
Saturday 25 February 2017: A research team at Stanford University has given an update on some of the breakthroughs its team has made in understanding the metabolic cycles that are not working properly in people with ME/CFS that might be at the heart of the disease.

Gold Coast Researchers Make Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Breakthrough
Wednesday 22 February 2017: In a world first, Gold Coast researchers have made an important breakthrough in understanding the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Interview With Jennifer Brea
Tuesday 7 February 2017: Filmmaker and ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea talks about her new documentary, Unrest.

Interview With Ron Davis
Monday 6 February 2017: Scientific Advisory Board Director Ronald Davis, PhD, answers questions on new technology and strategies for "fast-tracking" ME/CFS research.

Jen Brea's Outrageously Successful Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) TED Talk
Monday 30 January 2017: An article by Health Rising's Cort Johnson about US ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea's recent TED Talk.

Jennifer Brea's TED Talk
Wednesday 18 January 2017: A talk that US ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea gave at last summer's TED Summit has just gone live on

1 Million Americans Suffer With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Wednesday 4 January 2017: A video from US TV station about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Dr Ros Vallings Report On The 2016 International Association CFS/ME Conference
Saturday 31 December 2016: A presentation by Dr Rosamund Vallings that was held at the ANZMES Annual General Meeting in Auckland on the 26th November 2016.

The Residents Of This Arizona Community Are Allergic To Modern Life
Wednesday 21 December 2016: Chemically sensitive residents of a tiny, off-the-grid village in Arizona called Snowflake find relief from a world that makes them sick.

Shelleen Turned Her Faith Into Music During Trying Times
Tuesday 6 December 2016: A profile of US musician and ME/CFS sufferer Shelleen Weaver.

The PACE Trial: Recovery? What Recovery?
Monday 7 November 2016: A video by MEAnalysis that looks at the PACE Trial.

Bateman Horne Center Live Stream
Friday 4 November 2016: A video of Dr Lucinda Bateman giving an overview of the recent IACFS/ME conference in the US.

UK CMRC Conference 2016
Saturday 15 October 2016: A set of videos from the CMRC Conference 2016 in the UK.

What's Your M.E. Marathon?
Wednesday 12 October 2016: Action for M.E. has a new "What's your M.E. marathon?" campaign, which celebrates people with M.E. who take on personal fundraising challenges that, to them, feel like a marathon – even if no running is involved.

Millions Of Americans Suffer From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Monday 10 October 2016: Medical professionals, patients, residents and advocates gathered in front of Northampton City Hall in the US to raise awareness for ME/CFS.

100 Pairs Of Shoes Used To Make Poignant Protest On ME Research In Bristol City Centre
Thursday 29 September 2016: A hundred pairs of shoes were laid out on Bristol's College Green in a poignant silent protest against the lack of funding for research into the causes of ME/CFS.

Stigmatized Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferers Seek Recognition
Wednesday 14 September 2016: According to a Canadian review, ME/CFS is all in the sufferers' minds.

Party Time To Honour Blenheim's Boomtown Rapper
Sunday 21 August 2016: A party is being held in honour of a New Zealand YouTube star who is battling ME/CFS.

What Not To Say To Someone Who's In Chronic Pain
Friday 19 August 2016: A video from ABC's Radio National.

Experience What It's Like To Suffer From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome In This Free Video Game 'Robin'
Sunday 14 August 2016: A new video game offers an interactive experience that may help players better understand the debilitating nature of ME/CFS.

Stanford University Leads Fight Against Chronic Fatigue
Monday 8 August 2016: A profile of US ME/CFS sufferer Kelsey Vischer.

UK ME/CFS Sufferer Has Benefits Cut
Tuesday 2 August 2016: UK ME/CFS sufferer Karen is livid that her benefits have been cut after she was deemed fit to work.

Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Woman Struggles With The 'Invisible Disease'
Monday 25 May 2016: A profile of US ME/CFS sufferer Mary Gelpi.

Raising Awareness One Step At A Time
Wednesday 1 June 2016: Members of Canada's Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation are raising awareness for invisible illnesses one step at a time across British Columbia.

Dr Ron Davis Interview In San Francisco For #MillionsMissing
Monday 30 May 2016: An interview with ME/CFS researcher Dr Ron Davis.

Martine McCutcheon Forced To Use Wheelchair In ME Battle
Friday 20 May 2016: A profile of UK actress and ME/CFS sufferer Martine McCutcheon.

Coming Soon – A Happy Seven: An Experimental Short Film About Fibromyalgia
Friday 6 May 2016: An interview with Sophie Meath, director of A Happy Seven: An Experimental Short Film About Fibromyalgia.

Autumn Songs: Fundraising Concert
Thursday 5 May 2016: South Australian harpist and soprano Emma Horwood will be performing a recital to raise funds for ME/CFS sufferer Tanya Vallejo.

Avindra Nath Digs Deeper Into Big NIH ME/CFS Study: Warns Of Push Back
Wednesday 27 April 2016: A profile of US ME/CFS researcher Avindra Nath, MD.

Life With ME/CFS – New Zealand Rugby League Captain Richie Barnett
Wednesday 20 April 2016: A video of New Zealand Rugby League captain and ME/CFS sufferer Richie Barnett talking about his illness.

Fatigue Illness Inspires Documentary By Filmmakers From The US
Thursday 7 April 2016: An article about the ME/CFS documentary Forgotten Plague.

Society Seminar Reminder
Tuesday 5 April 2016: A reminder that the society's next seminar will be held on Saturday 9 April at Sophia House.

Roger Cicero: Germany's Jazz Talent
Wednesday 30 March 2016: A profile of German musician and ME/CFS sufferer Roger Cicero.

ME & Fatigue - Dr. Neil Harrison
Thursday 24 March 2016: An interview with UK fatigue researcher Dr Neil Harrison.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Advancing Research And Clinical Education
Saturday 20 February 2016: A video from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Senator Scott Ludlam On ME/CFS Research Funding In Australia
Friday 12 February 2016: Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam discusses the state of ME/CFS research funding in Australia.

David Conley Composes Score For ME/CFS Documentary "Forgotten Plague"
Thursday 4 February 2016: A profile of David Conley, composer of the soundtrack to the ME/CFS documentary Forgotten Plague.

Laura Dundovic: 'I Got Every Possible Sickness'
Friday 15 January 2016: A profile of Australian model Laura Dundovic.

Australians With Lyme Disease 'Being Treated Worse Than A Dog Riddled With Mange'
Wednesday 13 January 2016: Australian Independent Senator John Madigan has come out firing over the treatment of Australians suffering with Lyme disease by the health industry.

IV Ketamine For Fibromyalgia
Monday 11 January 2016: An article about how ketamine is helping people with Fibromyalgia.

Episode Of BBC Drama "Doctors" Features Character With ME/CFS
Friday 8 January 2016: A recent episode of the BBC drama Doctors featured an ME/CFS sufferer in one of its storylines.

Worst Things To Say To A Person Living With A Chronic Illness
Friday 8 January 2016: A video by YouTube user The ME/CFS Ghost.

Invisible Illness – Stories Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sunday 3 January 2015: A mini documentary that reveals three stories of people who have been impacted by ME/CFS.

Can Billionaire John Caudwell's Lyme Disease Theory Be Right?
Tuesday 15 December 2015: An interview with John Caudwell, founder of UK company Phones4U, about how most of his family has Lyme Disease.

Cheap New Device Brings Relief To Chronic Pain Sufferers
Wednesday 2 December 2015: A small and cost-effective new device is providing much-needed relief for many Australians who suffer from intense chronic pain.

FDA Says Some Lyme Disease Tests Are Dangerous
Sunday 29 November 2015: Last November the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated it was going to start regulating what it calls "Laboratory Developed Tests".

Carl-Gerhard Gottfries: A Swedish Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Story
Friday 27 November 2015: A profile of Swedish psychiatrist and ME/CFS researcher Carl-Gerhard Gottfries.

Professor James Coyne Declares "Moral Equivalent Of War" On PACE
Tuesday 24 November 2015: In a recent public talk in Edinburgh, psychologist Professor James Coyne declared the “moral equivalent of war” on the practices and assumptions that, he said, have allowed the “bad science” of the PACE trial to go unchallenged by scientists and the media.

Francis Collins Gets It About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome On Charlie Rose Show
Saturday 14 November 2015: A video of Francis Collins, director of the US National Institutes of Health, in which he talks about the need for more funding for ME/CFS.

US Family Battles With Son's Mysterious Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Friday 13 November 2015: A world-famous Stanford scientist is working to unravel a mysterious disease that is hard to diagnose and even harder to treat, and the patient is his son.

Missing Link Found Between Brain, Immune System – With Profound Disease Implications
Tuesday 10 November 2015: In a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching, researchers at the University of Virginia's School of Medicine have dicovered that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist.

ME/CFS Webinar: Gene Expression And Exercise
Saturday 7 November 2015: A video in which Dr. Lucinda Bateman talks about gene-expression and exercise in people with ME/CFS.

The Last Great Medical Cover Up
Sunday 1 November 2015: A 36-minute documentary about ME/CFS in the UK, featuring interviews with six sufferers.

UK News Article About ME/CFS Ignores Reality, Evidence
Thursday 29 October 2015: UK newspaper The Telegraph says the Oxford University has found Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not actually a chronic illness and sufferers can overcome symptoms by increasing exercise and thinking positively.

Investigative Reporter Shreds PACE CBT/GET Trial
Sunday 25 October 2015: Health Rising's Cort Johnson discusses the recent in-depth analysis of the UK PACE trial by journalist David Tuller.

Interview With Stuart Murdoch
Saturday 24 October 2015: An interview with Stuart Murdoch, the lead singer and chief songwriter of Scottish pop band Belle and Sebastian, who suffers from ME/CFS.

Forgotten Plague: A Must See Documentary
Sunday 4 October 2015: An article that takes a look at the documentary Forgotten Plague: M.E. and the Future of Medicine.

The ME/CFS Severely Ill Big Data Study – Update
Monday 31 August 2015: The latest in the Open Medicine Foundation's ME/CFS Severely Ill Big Data Study, as part of the End ME/CFS Project.

Lack Of Sleep May Exacerbate Chronic Illnesses
Monday 17 August 2015: Getting a good night's sleep can be difficult for the average person, but for those living with chronic illness the struggle can be much worse.

Fibromyalgia: Battling An Invisible Internal Enemy
Saturday 8 August 2015: Australian photographer Desiree Robinson was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009, and has made a video about the disease.

US Rapper With ME/CFS Releases Music Video
Thursday 6 August 2015: An interview with US rapper and ME/CFS sufferer Trip Lee about his latest music video and book, both of which were made to promote his latest album, Rise.

Watching "Cake" A Painful, But Validating Experience
Tuesday 28 July 2015: An article by Jennelle Janci about her reaction to the movie, Cake, starring Jennifer Aniston as a chronic pain sufferer.

US Couple Uses Mustang Week To Raise Fibromyalgia Awareness
Tuesday 21 July 2015: A couple in South Carolina is using Myrtle Beach Mustang Week to raise fibromyalgia awareness by introducing the first "Fibromyalgia Awareness Mustang."

Virus Hunters Turn To Social Media – And Chili Peppers
Saturday 18 July 2015: Why were two of the world's most eminent scientific researchers sitting down to munch their way through a plate of chili peppers, flavored with Tabasco sauce, setting their mouths on fire?

BBC Broadcaster John Darvall on ME/CFS
Friday 17 July 2015: BBC broadcaster John Darvall discusses his reaction to speaking with ME/CFS sufferer Naomi.

Nancy Klimas: This Illness Is Wicked – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
Friday 17 July 2015: A video featuring Nancy Klimas talking about ME/CFS.

The Kaplan Center: Understanding And Treating ME/CFS
Thursday 16 July 2015: Three videos of Dr Gary Kaplan, from The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine, talking about ME/CFS.

Ambrosia Movie
Sunday 5 July 2015: A new Australian film that deals with the psychological impact of chronic pain in a young woman's life.

UK Snooker Players And Their Battles Off The Baize
Saturday 4 July 2015: A profile of UK snooker player Jason Weston who suffers from ME/CFS.

Fibromyalgia Considered Lifelong Central Nervous System Disorder
Tuesday 30 June 2015: Fibromyalgia is now considered to be a central nervous system disorder, according to University of Michigan professor of anesthesiology, Daniel J Clauw, MD.

New Blood Test Can Identify Every Virus You've Ever Had
Monday 8 June 2015: Researchers say a new blood test can pinpoint all the viruses in your body and may help explain the causes of complex diseases like type 1 diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Doctors Urged To Take Chronic Fatigue Syndrome More Seriously
Saturday 23 May 2015: ME/CFS sufferers like Christine Lisio hope the US Institute of Medicine's recent report, which states that chronic fatigue syndrome is a legitimate and serious disease, will get doctors to pay closer attention to their concerns.

Video: ME/CFS is Not An Invisible Disease
Thursday 14 May 2015: A video from Josefine Rausand that shows ME/CFS sufferers at their best and at their worst.

Mini-Documentary: Mom Needs To Lie Down
Wednesday 13 May 2015: "Mom Needs To Lie Down: The years and live slept away by ME/CFS" is an informational video about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

ME & My CFS Documentary
Thursday 23 April 2015: UK ME/CFS sufferer Andrew Love is hoping to make a documentary.

You Know You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome When...
Thursday 9 April 2015: A video from YouTube user "CFS Hope".

Interview With Belle & Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch
Saturday 4 April 2015: An interview with Scottish musician and ME/CFS sufferer, Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch.

Interview: UK Author Lucy Saxon On How Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gave Her Time To Write
Tuesday 17 March 2015: An interview with UK author and ME/CFS sufferer, Lucy Saxon.

Using Wearable Tech To Relieve Chronic Pain
Thursday 12 March 2015: An advertisement for a new wearable device that can administer pain relief on a regular basis.

Dr Lucinda Bateman: New Clinical Definitions For ME/CFS
Tuesday 10 March 2015: Lucinda Bateman, MD, discusses the new diagnostic criteria and a new name for ME/CFS, in an OFFER Education Meeting held on March 4, 2015.

SEID Featured On The Dr Oz Show
Monday 9 March 2015: Dr. Oz talks with Dr. Jennifer Caudle and Dr. W. Ian Lipkin about Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease.

US Woman Shares Fibromyalgia Story
Saturday 7 March 2015: A Fibromyalgia sufferer from South Dakota is sharing her story in book form with anyone who wants to read about it.

Scientists Discover Robust Evidence That Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is A Biological Illness
Sunday 1 March 2015: Researchers at the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health have identified distinct immune changes in patients diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, known medically as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) or Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease.

SEID Report Release Video
Wednesday 18 February 2015: A video of the Institute of Medicine's press conference for the release of their report, "Beyond Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Redefining an Illness".

Tips On How To Live A Normal Life With Fibromyalgia
Wednesday 11 February 2015: The cause of Fibromyalgia is unknown, but a WDSU News New Orleans video featuring Dr Corey J. Hebert, MD, shows there is treatment to help a person cope with the physical and psychological symptoms.

Meet The 29-Year-Old Woman Who's Allergic To The World
Friday 16 January 2015: A profile of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Sufferer Crystal Goodwin.

Shake that *^#&! ing stigma – The Shake the CFS Stigma challenge begins
Monday 15 December 2014: The Simmaron Research Foundation thinks it's time to "Shake the CFS Stigma" by beginning a campaign.

UK Fibromyalgia sufferers petition the National Health Service to integrate and pay for ActiPatch® therapy
Saturday 29 November 2014: The UK's Pifflers United Chronic and Invisible Illnesses Support Community is petitioning the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) for new guidelines for effective Fibromyalgia pain management.

Rapper's album answers challenge of disease
Friday 28 November 2014: US rapper Trip Lee recorded an album while suffering from ME/CFS.

Medical marijuana beats three leading Fibromyalgia drugs
Thursday 13 November 2014: An article about the specifics of medical marijuana for use in Fibromyalgia.

Carol Head interviewed by Llewellyn King
Wednesday 12 November 2014: Recently, Carol Head, President and CEO of the Solve ME/CFS Initiative, sat down with Llewellyn King of ME/CFS Alert for a wide-ranging, two-part interview.

ME/CFS video: Population and social impact
Saturday 8 November 2014: A video in which Professor Leonard A Jason talks about the population of ME/CFS sufferers and its social impact.

Stanford unravels the mysteries of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Wednesday 22 October 2014: A video from Stanford University.

Dr Rosamund Vallings ME/CFS lecture
Sunday 28 September 2014: A video of Dr Rosamund Valling giving a talk at the University of Otago in New Zealand.

UK PhD student dumps shoes to raise Chronic Fatigue Syndrome awareness
Friday 26 September 2014: A Newcastle PhD student is raising awareness of a medical syndrome by casting aside his shoes and walking the streets barefoot.

ME versus psychiatric disorders
Thursday 25 September 2014: A video in which Professor Leonard A Jason talks about the differences between ME and psychiatric disorders.

UK Fibromyalgia sufferer to stand as an MP in forthcoming election
Wednesday 24 September 2014: Joe Neilson, who has Fibromyalgia and macular degeneration, is standing as an independent MP for the UK's Brighton Kemptown constituency in the scheduled 2015 general election.

Documentary: Perversely Dark
Friday 8 August 2014: Perversely Dark, a documentary about two of the sickest people in Norway, is now available on demand.

The Surviving ME/CFS Show – "Celebrate the wins"
Friday 1 August 2014: A webacst from ME/CFS sufferer Julian Roath.

I Remember Me documentary
Wednesday 30 July 2014: I Remember Me is a biographical documentary by Kim Snyder about ME/CFS.

"I want to tell people with ME that there is hope"
Wednesday 16 July 2014: UK ME/CFS sufferer Emma Donohoe, 20, is featured on television program ITV Fixers.

Lack of support for ME sufferers makes life even harder
Monday 7 July 2014: A new study by the UK's University of Southampton has found that one third of those affected by the condition ME/CFS have no access to specialist care.

Brief report from Dr. Prigden on the Fibromyalgia antiviral trial
Wednesday 25 June 2014: Antiviral trials in the US for Fibromyalgia may change how the disease is viewed, from a poorly treated central nervous system disorder to a disorder characterized by a potentially treatable herpesvirus infection.

ME/CFS Podcast
Thursday 19 June 2014: Karen, an ME sufferer in Manchester (UK), has created a YouTube channel to share info about ME/CFS.

US woman with medical condition pushes for legalization of marijuana
Wednesday 18 June 2014: New York Fibromyalgia sufferer Sue Kaszynski is pushing for medical marijuane to be legalised in her state.

UK woman handwrites 'lovely letters' to thousands around the world
Friday 13 June 2014: UK ME/CFS sufferer Jodi Ann Bickley pens letters of encouragement to people worldwide.

"Living Hell": ME/CFS documentary from 1993
Sunday 1 June 2014: Living Hell is a 1993 documentary from the US that shows some things don't change after 20 years.

Toronto woman left stranded as EMS reduces non-emergency transfers
Friday 30 May 2014: A Toronto woman who has been bedridden for nearly 11 years due to ME/CFS says she has been unable to attend medical appointments since the city's emergency medical services recently began phasing out non-emergency transfers.

Chronic Fatigue hope
Sunday 18 May 2014: A video segment from ABC television's 7.30 Tasmania program.

My life with severe ME
Saturday 10 May 2014: A YouTube video from UK ME sufferer Ruth Braham.

The Microbe Discovery Project
Sunday 4 May 2014: A call for people to donate to a study involving "a cutting-edge hunt for the causes of ME/CFS in the gut".

With significant advances but little money, CFS research tries crowdfunding
Wednesday 30 April 2014: New findings are encouraging in the fight against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – but the US Government still provides funding so minimal, one researcher is turning to crowdfunding.

PACE Trial results under scrutiny
Tuesday 29 April 2014: An analysis of the claims by the UK PACE Trial that Cognitive Behaviour Therapy promotes recovery for patients with CFS/ME.

Fibromyalgia sufferer to swim the English Channel
Monday 28 April 2014: A profile of US Fibromyalgia sufferer Katie Pumphrey who plans to swim the English Channel in August 2015.

2014 IACFS/ME Conference summary by Dr. Komaroff
Saturday 19 April 2014: US ME/CFS rsearcher Dr. Anthony Komaroff presents a video summary review of the 2014 IACFSME conference.

Fibromyalgia drug being researched in Tuscaloosa
Monday 7 April 2014: A US-based biotech company is finished with phase two of testing for a drug that could help Fibromyalgia patients.

Pain Management Network
Friday 28 March 2014: A website created by New South Wales Health to help chronic pain patients.

Woman with chemical allergies lives outdoors to avoid illness
Wednesday 19 March 2014: For Vanessa Gaudette, living in a tent brings relief from a nightmare known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

ME/CFS video: "Mom Needs To Lie Down Now"
Tuesday 11 March 2014: This 11-minute video from Canada, featuring a doctor and three patients, might be ideal to help your family and friends understand Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a bit better.

How Fibromyalgia is often undertreated
Sunday 2 March 2014: A video in which Dr. Kevin White explains how many doctors undertreat Fibromyalgia as well as why they should be much more vigilant with their FM patients. New patient community seeks to turn patient sharing into a tool for research
Tuesday 18 February 2014: A profile of HealClick, an online resource for chronic pain sufferers.

British doctor wants to rescue ME patient held at Danish hospital
Thursday 13 February 2014: British doctor, Nigel Speight, who specializes in the devastating disease Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) has joined an international bid to free a young ME patient who was incarcerated in a Danish hospital a year ago.

The Low FODMAP Diet app
Sunday 9 February 2014: A YouTube video featuring Monash University's Low FODMAP Diet iPhone app.

Superfish suffering from chronic fatigue
Thursday 30 January 2014: Just days after being named Young Australian of the Year, Paralympic swimmer Jacqueline Freney has revealed she is battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Fundraising for ME/CFS Alert
Friday 17 January 2014: Llewellyn King, journalist and creator the ME/CFS Alert series of YouTube videos, is asking for donations to help him continue making the videos.

Online support for chronic illness sufferers
Monday 13 January 2014: A University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire student hopes a website she's part of launching will help people living with chronic illnesses manage their symptoms better and potentially help find a cure.

Medical Edge: Fibromyalgia study
Friday 27 December 2013: Dr. Lesley Arnold is one of a handful of researchers in a US study trying to find out what's happening in the brain and the body when people experience symptoms from Fibromyalgia pain.

UK woman with ME/CFS begins 'Share A Star' charity
Friday 20 December 2013: A UK woman who has spent years bed-ridden with ME/CFS has set up a charity to support children who spend life indoors due to illness.

Fibromyalgia patient discovers new talent after diagnosis
Wednesday 18 December 2013: A profile of US singer-songwriter and Fibromyalgia sufferer Lisa Adrian.

ME/CFS and palpitations
Thursday 21 November 2013: As part of an ongoing series of ME/CFS video seminars sponsored by the Dutch ME/CFS Association, Dr. Frans C. Visser, cardiologist, speaks about heart symptoms in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME.

Earlier symptoms symptoms predicted Fibromyalgia in elderly women
Saturday 16 November 2013: The number and severity of symptoms measured 17 years before diagnoses were predictive of Fibromyalgia in elderly women, according to research presented at the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting.

Woman felled by 'devastating disease doctors have never heard of'
Friday 1 November 2013: A profile of ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea and her documentary film project, Canary in A Coalmine.

Canary In A Coalmine: Kickstarter campaign
Sunday 27 October 2013: A Kickstarter "crowdfunding" campaign to help finalise the publication of the ME/CS documentary, Canary In A Coalmine.

Noted British composer John Rutter talks about his battle with ME/CFS
Sunday 20 October 2013: British composer of choral music, John Rutter, was recently interviewed by BBC 3 Radio about his new piece of music for the Royal Wedding of Prince William/Catherine Middleton, and his battle with ME/CFS.

Complex chronic diseases clinic opens in Canadian hospital
Saturday 5 October 2013: The Complex Chronic Disease Clinic, which recently opened at British Columbia's BC Women's Hospital & Health Clinic, is designed specifically for patients suffering from diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease.

Goat's milk and God helping people
Monday 16 September 2013: Lynette “Nettie” Patterson, who started her own business out of her barn in Troup, Texas in 2012, says God and goat's milk has helped her.

WHAT ABOUT ME? documentary
Thursday 15 August 2013: Details about the upcoming documentary What About ME?.

Marine who fought Taliban, illness, and depression releases record
Wednesday 24 July 2013: A British Royal Marines bugler who battled with physical and mental health problems has released an album to support forces charities.

ME/CFS and blood circulation
Tuesday 18 June 2013: An article by Cort Johnson, with an accompanying video featuring Dr. Kenny De Meirleir, that discusses blood circulation in ME/CFS patients.

Rain and pain in Fibromyalgia
Thursday 6 June 2013: A study has found that Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue are not affected by weather conditions.

Doctors offer hyperbaric therapy to ease pain
Thursday 30 May 2013: In the US, more doctors are now offering hyperbaric therapy in their offices.

Video: Mind the Abyss (part 1)
Wednesday 24 April 2013: Mind the Abyss - Prodrome is the first part of a video series called Mind the Abyss, which is based on the ME/CFS experience of the filmmaker.

New psych disorder could mislabel sick as mentally ill
Sunday 14 April 2013: A newly-labeled psychiatric disorder has fueled a debate among patients and advocacy groups who fear that broader and "looser" criteria may make it easier for doctors to dismiss patients as mentally ill when in fact they have a physical illness.

UniSA's Ride for Pain
Friday 29 March 2013: The University of South Australia's Ride for Pain is a community cycling event that aims to raise awareness of the frequently overlooked issues of chronic pain.

ME/CFS Alert Episode 40
Sunday 3 February 2013: The latest episode of Llewellyn King's video series ME/CFS Alert features an interview with ME/CFS researcher Dr. John Chia.

Video: Panel of women with ME/CFS who have experienced pregnancy
Tuesday 22 January 2013: A presentation that provides a synopsis of expert opinion and the current scientific evidence, albeit scant, that addresses the experience of childbirth in women with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Psychiatrist and journalist win prize for defending science
Tuesday 20 November 2012: In recognition of their efforts to champion science despite extreme opposition, a science journalist and psychiatrist have both received the 2012 John Maddox prize.

Michigan man walks to raise ME/CFS awareness
Monday 12 November 2012: Koerner Gray Buchta's 291-km trek across Michigan was done to raise awareness for ME/CFS, a syndrome he has. But it also acquainted him with the state and its people.

Walking across Michigan for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Saturday 27 October 2012: A West Michigan man is halfway through his journey walking across the state.

CFS Alert video: lacklustre response to CFSAC recommendations
Sunday 14 October 2012: A video in which CFS Alert co-hosts Llewellyn King and Deborah Waroff discuss GC-MAF (a treatment by Dr. Derek Enlander that is helping Deborah now) and the lack of HHS response to the CFS Advisory Committee’s recommendations.

Clinical exercise testing in ME/CFS research and treatment
Tuesday 9 October 2012: A video of a presentation by exercise physiologist Prof. Christopher Snell who makes the case for ME/CFS post-exercise testing.

Barbara Lewis allergic to modern life
Monday 1 October 2012: A profile of Barbara Lewis, a sufferer of hemical and electrical sensitivity, as well as others suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

'No connection' between ME and two specific viruses
Wednesday 19 September 2012: Two particular viruses, XMRV and pMLV, have nothing to do with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, despite earlier evidence of a link, a study has shown.

Smiling through pain: living on-air with Fibromyalgia
Saturday 28 July 2012: A profile of Susan Solovic, a successful entrepeneur, best-selling author, and television personality who also endures the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia.

In the end, it all came down to John Roberts
Saturday 30 June 2012: An article by Llewellyn King about the US's Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") and what it may mean for Chronic Fatgue Syndrome sufferers.

Desperate, determined husband, caregiver launches effort to unite those affected by Fibromyalgia
Sunday 24 June 2012: John Obenchain is on a mission to unite Fibromyalgia sufferers, caregivers, and their families throughout the world.

Fibromyalgia: kicking the sugar habit
Friday 22 June 2012: An article by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum about the benefits of reducing sugar intake for Fibromyalgia sufferers.

Fibromyalgia explained
Wednesday 20 June 2012: A video from US TV program Sonoran Living's House Calls (via YouTube).

Charges against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome researcher dropped
Saturday 16 June 2012: Criminal charges filed against Judy Mikovits, PhD, the lead researcher of now-retracted studies linking a mouse virus to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, have been dropped.

Kayla Stewart turns to home-schooling to avoid bullies
Sunday 27 May 2012: A profile of Fibromyalgia and juvenile arthritis sufferer Kayla Stewart.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – Deborah's story
Friday 11 May 2012: A profile of MCS sufferer Deborah.

Cognition and CFS: What do we know?
Sunday 22 April 2012: A two-hour webinar on "Cognition & CFS: What Do We Know?", hosted by The CFIDS Association of America, and filmed on April 11, 2012.

Llewellyn won't snooze through tiresome disease
Saturday 14 April 2012: White House Chronicle host Llewellyn King has a fierce new interest: He has become a voice for people who suffer from an incurable disease, myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Don't worry Jessica, we got it on film!
Wednesday 11 April 2012: A teenage girl with chronic fatigue syndrome will get to see her friend perform after all.

Petition regarding ME/CFS presented to NZ government
Wednesday 4 March 2012: A petition regarding ME/CFS was presented to the government in New Zealand.

A look at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Tuesday 27 March 2012: US TV station KHAS-TV News 5 takes a look at CFS.

Weekend House Call: Fibromyalgia
Sunday 11 March 2012: A video from US TV station WDSU New Orleans featuring Medical Editor Dr. Corey Hebert explaining Fibromyalgia.

Lyme disease victims ignored
Thursday 16 February 2012: South Australian current affairs television program Today Tonight has a story on Lyme disease.

ME sufferers call for help
Monday 13 February 2012: Thousands of people across Northern Ireland suffer from ME, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but they say there is not enough medical help in the region.

Former YSU recruit Kaitlin Rohrs battles rare disease head on
Tuesday 3 January 2012: A profile of US basketballer and ME/CFS sufferer, Kaitlin Rohrs.

Interview with Katya Meyers
Tuesday 6 December 2011: An interview with professional triathlete Katya Meyers shown on American television program ABC News.

Voices from the Shadows – world premiere and discussion
Monday 28 November 2011: "Voices from the Shadows," a one-hour documentary about the commonplace abuse and neglect of gravely ill ME patients by the British government and medical establishment, premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

Building compassion
Friday 18 November 2011: Thanks to good Samaritans, students and staff from Milwaukee's Community High School are working with the NARI Foundation to renovate Jacquelyn Windom's home.

Dr. Ian Lipkin and Dr. Mady Hornig use deep sequencing and proteomics to hunt CFS viruses
Saturday 12 November 2011: An article about research performed by Drs. Ian Lipkin and mady Horning.

18 very gentle stretches for Fibromyalgia & ME
Saturday 29 October 2011: Get Well From ME host Giles Meehan provides an easy-paced, conversational demonstration of gentle movements and stretches that he believes help him ease muscle tensions and improve tone.

Saturday 8 October 2011: Details about an Australia online social health network.

Body painter fights to overcome pain
Saturday 1 October 2011: A profile of Sam Wheeler, a New Zealand body artist with Fibromyalgia.

Bringing new life to comedy
Sunday 28 August 2011: A profile of New Zealand comedian Pauline Toye.

Chronic pain is no laughing matter, says comedian
Friday 26 August 2011: A profile of Kathy Buckley, a successful comedian who has guest starred on television shows like "Good Morning America" and "Touched By an Angel".

What might cause ME/CFS?
Monday 22 August 2011: An articulate summary of possible causes or triggers involved in this real, multi-system disease, by Giles Meehan.

Video: Exercise & ME-CFS Parts 1 and 2 by Dr. Klimas
Wednesday 3 August 2011: Dr. Nancy Klimas, MD, director of the CFS Clinic in Miami, has developed a three-part video series to help people at risk of post-exercise malaise (what the new International Consensus Criteria for ME call ‘post-exertional neuroimmune exhaustion’.

One on One: Kaitlin Rohrs
Friday 15 July 2011: A profile of US basketballer Kaitlin Rohrs whose sporting career was cut short due to ME/CFS.

Webcast of Dr. W. Ian Lipkin's WPI presentation
Sunday 10 July 2011: Mark O’Sullivan, who suffers from ME, looks at acquired brain injury in his latest novel.

"ME/CFS Alert" TV show debuts with Dr. Enlander
Wednesday 29 June 2011: The first segment of a new Web-based TV show – "ME/CFS Alert", hosted by Llewellyn King and Deborah Waroff – is an interview with Dr. Derek Enlander, MD.

Dr Bell's 25-year follow-up on Lyndonville Outbreak patients
Wednesday 1 June May 2011: Two videos of the Massachusetts CFIDS/ME & FM Association's 16 April event that feature ME/CFS specialist Dr. David Bell.

Elliot Krane: The mystery of chronic pain
Tuesday 31 May 2011: Pediatrician Elliot Krane talks about the complex mystery of chronic pain, and reviews the facts we're just learning about how it works and how to treat it.

Last day for voting in the Chase Community Giving Contest
Wednesday 25 May 2011: A reminder on how to vote in the Chase Community Giving Contest.

Entering the Chase Community Giving Contest
Thursday 19 May 2011: Instructions for entering the Chase Community Giving Contest.

ME/CFS State of the Knowledge Workshop: videos
Tuesday 19 April 2011: Both days (7 and 8 April 2011) of the ME/CFS State of the Knowledge Workshop are now available on video.

Stanford Medical Minutes: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Monday 18 April 2011: Stanford Medical Minutes are short interviews with clinical doctors and researchers from Stanford Hospital and Clinics discussing current topics in medicine.

Key moments of XMRV controversy at ME/CFS State of the Knowledge Workshop
Tuesday 12 April 2011: YouTube highlights of statements, debates, Q&As, presentations from the XMRV & Contamination segment of the NIH's 'chronic fatigue syndrome' (ME/CFS) State of the Knowledge workshop held in Bethesda, Maryland, April 7&8.

US singer Tony Terry talks about Fibromyalgia
Thursday 7 April 2011: The Fox network's MyFox Houston has a video (with accompanying text) featuring US singer Tony Terry who talks about how both he and his wife struggle with Fibromyalgia.

Video of Dr Jose Montoya speaking on CFS at Stanford University
Wednesday 16 March 2011: Dr Jose Montoya is seen discussing CFS and current research on diagnosis and treatment at a conference held at Stanford University’s alumni centre in California on 3 March 2011.

Study: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is actual disease
Thursday 3 March 2011: Fox News reports on the recent discovery of unique proteins in the spinal fluid of people with ME/CFS.

The Music Works
Sunday 27 February 2011: The Music Works – aka The Dynamic Day Gig – is a monthly event held at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel. It's organised by and for people with disabilities.

Research breaks CFS stereotypes
Saturday 26 February 2011: Following on from yesterday's news item about unique proteins found in spinal fluid, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric featured a story on CFS.

Press coverage and responses to The Lancet PACE article
Monday 21 February 2011: The PACE Trial results published in The Lancet has resulted in major press coverage, along with strong responses.

Rapper hopes to raise awareness of CFS
Sunday 20 February 2011: Manuals of treatments used in the PACE trial have now been published online.

Unity, disagreement, and respect
Thursday 17 February 2011: An opinion piece by Mary Schweitzer.

Alison Johnson speaks at the NIEHS
Wednesday 12 January 2011: Alison Johnson, who has dedicated her life's work to bringing about full recognition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, gave a talk to officials at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Brenton Brown wrote 'Everlasting God' amid Chronic Fatigue
Wednesday 22 December 2010: Popular Christian song Everlasting God arose out of Christian songwriter and worship leader Brenton Brown’s personal experience of God’s inexhaustible strength amid his chronic fatigue.

Five office visits
Tuesday 21 December 2010: A Christmas-themed CFS video on YouTube.

Delay in diagnosis significantly impact lives of patients with Fibromyalgia, new survey reports
Friday 3 December 2010: National findings reveal greater awareness, earlier diagnosis, and support help reduce daily life challenges.

CFS patients grow weary of doubt
Thursday 2 December 2010: Doctors and patients are roiled by a CDC study linking personality disorders to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Laura Hillenbrand interview on MSNBC's Today Show
Tuesday 23 November 2010: MSNBC's Today Show has an interview with Laura Hillenbrand, author of her new book Unbroken, who talks about the book as well as her CFS.

Countess of Mar question on ME lifetime blood ban
Tuesday 16 November 2010: A video in YouTube featuring the Countess of Mar asking a question in the House of Lords about the UK band on blood donations from people with ME/CFS.

University researcher will receive millions for Fibromyalgia study
Thursday 11 November 2010: The CFIDS Associations of America is hosting a series of seminars broadcast over the web, “webinars,” on topics of high interest to people with CFS, loved ones and health care professionals.

UK sufferers banned from donating blood
Thursday 4 November 2010: A demonstration was held in London on Monday 1 November protesting the banning of UK ME sufferers from donating blood.

Fibromyalgia sufferer on The Dr Oz Show
Wednesday 6 October 2010: Audience member Mary Louise was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and has the Epstein Bar Virus [sic].

Dr Anne McIntyre interview with Ean Proctor
Thursday 12 August 2010: Dr Anne McIntyre interviewed ME/CFS sufferer Ean Proctor for a segment on the UK's Channel Four program Frontline.

Video of lecture by Dr Anthony Komaroff
Wednesday 23 June 2010: The Massachusetts CFIDS/ME & FM Association is pleased to present the video of Dr. Komaroff's recent lecture to its Association.

Documentary interview with two girls with CFS
Saturday 8 May 2010: There is a video on YouTube of an interview with two women who talk about having ME/CFS.

What's old is new again?
Saturday 13 March 2010: R.E.S.C.I.N.D. has an interesting video from 1996.

Theda's desperate fight against a chronic killer
Wednesday 3 March 2010: Western Australian newspaper WA Today has a profile of ME/CFS sufferer Theda Myint.

New YouTube channel: Waking The World Up To M.E.
Thursday 21 January 2010: David Foxen is a young man from the UK who has set up a YouTube channel called Waking The World Up To M.E. in order to highlight the disease.

Wilhelmina Jenkins
Tuesday 13 October 2009: Wilhelmina Jenkins, a spokesperson for the "The Faces of CFS" exhibit, appears in a video talking about life with ME/CFS.

Video on ABC News
Wednesday 30 September 2009: ABC News on its Good Morning America: Health program has an interview with Donnica Moore MD.

Open Door: ME
Tuesday 22 September 2009: Open Door is a New Zealand television program that consists of a series of documentaries made by members of the community.

Fibromyalgia discussed on "The Doctors"
Saturday 23 May 2009: US TV program The Doctors discussed Fibromyalgia on a recent episode.

IACFS/ME Conference videos
Monday 27 April 2009: The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Group blog at DailyStrength has provided a list of all available videos from the 9th IACFS/ME Conference.

Sleepydust video
Friday 24 April 2009: Sleepydust has produced a video of an overview of ME/CFS.

Low-dose naltrexone
Thursday 23 April 2009: WebMD reports on successful trials involving naltrexone, a drug used for easing the effects of heroin and alcohol withdrawal.

Whittemore Peterson Institute claims they can reverse CFIDS/ME
Wednesday 22 April 2009: “TeaBisqit”, a poster on the ProHealth Message Boards, has alerted people to two videos of some promising claims made by the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Dsiease.

NHS Choices videos
Friday 10 April 2009: The UK’s NHS Choices website has two videos on its website – one from a patient’s perspective in its section on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and one from a doctor’s perspective.

Documentary interview on YouTube
Thursday 9 April 2009: An interview involving two young women with ME/CFS was filmed for an upcoming CFS documentary by Dr Franky Dolan and is available on YouTube.

M.E. on UK television
Monday 5 January 2009: M.E. was recently featured on the UK television program Meridian Tonight.

The Scientific Basis of CFS/CFIDS/ME
Sunday 4 January 2009: Here’s a video for anyone you still doubts that ME/CFS is a physical illness.

Diagnostic blood test for ME/CFS coming
Thursday 18 December 2008: KTVN Channel 2 reports on the development of the first possible diagnostic test for ME/CFS.

Living with Fibromyalgia documentary DVD
Tuesday 23 September 2008: Living with Fibromyalgia is a feature-length documentary that has just been released on DVD.

TV report on Sophia Mirza
Tuesday 16 September 2008: The UK’s Meridian Tonight has a news item on Sophia Mirza.

International Symposium video
Tuesday 5 August 2008: A video is available of a Microarray Studies Session from the International Symposium on Viruses in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Post-Viral Fatigue held on 22 and 23 June 2008 in the US.

Scientific evidence for chronic fatigue syndrome
Thursday 26 June 2008: One enterprising individual has created a YouTube video for all the naysayers who believe that ME/CFS is an imaginary disease..

“Not In My Head” Radio Public Service Announcement
Thursday 26 June 2008: Although it’s now a couple of years old (it was part of a 2006 awareness campaign implemented by the CFIDS Association of America), we’ve only just found this US radio Public Service Announcement via the wonders of YouTube.

Interview on 9am with David & Kim
Friday 16 May 2008: Channel 10’s weekday morning TV program 9am with David & Kim featured an interview yesterday (Thursday 15 May) with ME/CFS sufferer Imogen Newhouse and Dr Don Lewis.

New YouTube recommendation
Wednesday 20 February 2008: This YouTube video was recommended by Vicki Ryan.

More YouTube recommendations
Thursday 14 February 2008: In what is possibly a YouTube recommendation frenzy this week, here are a few more we think you might find interesting.

New YouTube recommendations
Wednesday 13 February 2008: We have two new YouTube videos for your delectation.

The wonders of YouTube
Friday 8 February 2008: YouTube is now enormously popular as a place for people to both post and view video clips on the Internet.

ABC News OnCall+ Pain Management
Friday 18 January 2008: ABC News has an informative health section on its website entitled OnCall+ Pain Management.

CBS3 news article and video on CFS
Wednesday 16 January 2008: CBS3 has a news item and an accompanying video on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on its website.

New York Times article on drug approved for Fibromyalgia
Tuesday 15 January 2008: This page contains a link to a video commercial for a new drug, Lyrica, which was recently approved for use in the US in dealing with Fibromyalgia.

Mayo Clinic: Fibromyalgia Tips video
Sunday 6 January 2008: The Mayo Clinic has a short video on managing Fibromyalgia.

My favourite poem: “Pointy Birds” [no longer active]
Wednesday 31 October 2007: The poem “Pointy Birds” appears in the 1983 movie, The Man with Two Brains.

Are you right-brained, left-brained – or just fogged-brained?
Thursday 11 October 2007: Actually, this is a neat little test of the old right brain/left brain theory. It’s nothing to do with ME/CFS. But you might like to try it.

National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week video
Wednesday 12 September 2007: National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week runs from 10-16 September 2007.

Encounters with the Invisible, by Dorothy Wall
Tuesday 10 July 2007: Dorothy Wall is the author of a new book, Encounters with the Invisible. Dorothy has made a video presentation of her book.

Video contest winners announced
Tuesday 5 June 2007: Winners of the P.A.N.D.O.R.A. International Advocacy Video Contest have been announced.

JTV segment on ME/CFS
Saturday 12 May 2007: An article on ME/CFS appeared on JTV at 11:30pm last night (Friday 11 May) on ABC TV.

DVD now available
Wednesday 2 May 2007: The DVD of the 25 March 2007 public meeting entitled “ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The breaking news from around the world” held at Norwood Concert Hall is now available from ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc office.

Norwood Concert Hall meeting DVD
Wednesday 4 April 2007: We have had a professionally produced DVD made of the recent public meeting at Norwood Concert Hall.

P.A.N.D.O.R.A. International Advocacy Video Contest
Monday 5 March 2007: P.A.N.D.O.R.A., Inc (The Patient Alliance for Neuroendocrineimmune Disorders Organization for Research and Advocacy) has created an international advocacy video contest.

TV ad campaign for CFS in the US
Monday 26 February 2007: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has funded a new ad campaign for CFS to be shown on US television.


'It Massively Affects Day-To-Day Life' - Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Tuesday 3 November 2020: A radio interview with Irish ME/CFS sufferer Sarah O'Connell.

These Doctors Got COVID-19, Now They're Suffering The Serious, Mysterious Symptoms Of 'Long COVID'
Monday 19 October 2020: A podcast on ABC Radio National's Science Friction program.

Being A Carer During A Pandemic And Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Saturday 17 October 2020: A podcast on ABC Radio's Life Matters program.

Finding Hope For Those Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Friday 16 October 2020: A podcast on ABC Radio's Life Matters program.

Management Of Post-Acute COVID-19 In Primary Care
Sunday 13 September 2020: This article, intended for primary care clinicians, relates to the patient who has a delayed recovery from an episode of COVID-19.

The Puzzling Patchwork Of ME/CFS
Tuesday 2 June 2020: A radio broadcast from the Australian national broadcaster ABC's Health Report.

Joan McParland Interview: "I Have Been Conned" - When Sick Patients Are Sold Psychological Snake Oil
Wednesday 26 February 2020: A podcast interview with Joan McParland, an ME/CFS sufferer who attempted to undertake a treament called the Lightning Process.

Two Young People In Mt Gambier Shine A Light On Living With Chronic Illness
Thursday 20 February 2020: A radio interview with chronic illness sufferers Tessa Deak and Shanae Coppick.

Breaking Through The Stigma Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Tuesday 29 October 2019: A radio broadcast from Australia's ABC Radio.

Thousands Of Studies Begin To Paint New Picture Of Chronic Fatigue
Tuesday 10 September 2019: A growing body of research around the world reveals plenty of things going wrong in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

18 Songs That Were Written About Chronic Illness
Thursday 6 June 2019: An article by chronic illness advocate Paige Wyant.

Radio Interview: Living With ME/CFS – #MillionsMissingAustralia
Monday 20 May 2019: A radio interview with Australian doctor and ME/CFS sufferer Dr Lisa Smith.

CanaryPod: Topple Uncaged Meets… The Millions Missing: All Six Episodes
Wednesday 15 May 2019: A series of six podcasts with six different guests.

'I Realised Not Everyone Has To Be A Paralympian'
Friday 3 May 2019: A BBC Ouch radio interview with disabled performers Jackie Hagan and Conor A who has Fibromyalgia.

'Life Was Fantastic, And Then Overnight I Got Very Sick'
Wednesday 24 April 2019: A radio interview from Isle of man ME/CFS sufferer Craig Morris.

What Role Should The Public Play In Science? - Science Weekly Podcast
Saturday 3 November 2018: The Guardian's Ian Sample speaks to Prof Michael Sharpe from the University of Oxford and to Dr Kim Goldsmith from King’s College London.

How Much Do You Know About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Tuesday 29 May 2018: A radio interview with two Australian ME/CFS experts, Dr Mark Guthridge and Dr Mark Donohoe.

Understanding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sunday 13 May 2018: A radio interview with Australian ME/CFS sufferers Jen and Juliette.

Radio Interview: ME/CFS - Debunking Medical Myths
Thursday 19 April 2018: A radio interview with Sue Gilbey, Dr David Tuller, Penelope McMillan and Tania Emms, highlighting the challenges of living with ME/CFS.

Trial By Error: Two Interview Podcasts, And "Conflicts of Interest"
Tuesday 17 April 2018: An article by ME/CFS advocate David Tuller.

Jamie Cruickshank's Lush Folk Sound Drives 'Loserville' Forwards
Friday 30 March 2018: A profile of British musician and ME/CFS sufferer Jamie Cruickshank.

Why Do We Still Know So Little About ME/CFS?
Friday 2 March 2018: Gary Burgess, a TV journalist in the UK who has ME/CFS, talks to experts and patients about why so little is still known about a potentially devastating condition that affects tens of thousands of people in the UK, and millions more around the world.

Album Review: Belle & Sebastian - The Boy With The Arab Strap
Tuesday 20 February 2018: A review of Belle & Sebastian's 1998 album, The Boy With The Arab Strap.

Resilient Caiti Comes Out Firing
Thursday 15 February 2018: A profile of Australian singer and ME/CFS sufferer Caiti Baker.

Understanding Pain - Fibromyalgia
Wednesday 14 February 2018: ABC Radio announcer Sonya Feldhoff interviews Professor Mark Hutchinson, Director of the Centre for Nanoscale Biophotonics, in the School of Medicine, at the University of Adelaide.

Inkersall Sisters Speak Out On Living With Fibromyalgia
Monday 11 December 2017: Three sisters from the UK have told radio station Peak FM of their struggle in coping with Fibromyalgia.

UK Man Diagnosed With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Battling To Keep Radio Station Going
Thursday 19 October 2017: A man who was recently diagnosed with a life-limiting illness is battling to keep his local radio station open for as long as possible.

Inflection Point: How To Be Taken Seriously When You Have a Mystery Illness - Jennifer Brea, Unrest
Saturday 14 October 2017: A US radio interview with ME/CFS sufferer and documentary filmmaker Jennifer Brea.

Living With Chronic Fatigue
Friday 13 October 2017: An Australian radio interview with ME/CFS sufferer and documentary filmmaker Jennifer Brea.

Jennifer Brea Wants To Shine A Light On An Often Misdiagnosed Disease
Monday 7 August 2017: An Australian radio interview with ME/CFS sufferer and documentary filmmaker Jennifer Brea.

Unrest: An Intimate Look At A Hidden Disease
Friday 4 August 2017: A radio interview with ME/CFS sufferer Jennifer Brea, maker of the documentary Unrest, and her husband Omar Wasow.

Chronic Fatigue Traced To Mitochondria
Sunday 14 May 2017: A radio segment about the role mitochondria may play in ME/CFS.

Fragrance Is A Hidden Hazard
Thursday 13 April 2017: A lecture by Professor Anne Steinemann, Chair of Sustainable Cities, School of Engineering, University of Melbourne.

Dealing With Chronic Fatigue And Pain
Wednesday 5 April 2017: A New Zealand radio interview with US ME/CFS specialist Dr Charles Lapp.

Medicinal Cannabis Still Too Costly For Christchurch Woman
Friday 10 February 2017: The high cost of medicinal cannabis means the drug will remain out of reach for a New Zealand woman with Fibromyalgia, despite the Government making it more accessible.

In Melbourne, Progress On Chronic Fatigue
Saturday 26 November 2016: Inside Story's Peter Clarke talks to Bio21 Institute researcher Chris Armstrong about new research that challenges popular views of ME/CFS.

Podcast: A Flawed Study on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Patients Fight Back
Sunday 16 October 2016: A podcast from Dr. Ronald Hoffman about the controversy surrounding the PACE trial.

Radio Interview With Author Laura Hillenbrand
Thursday 18 August 2016: An interview with US author and ME/CFS sufferer Laura Hillenbrand.

Song For #MillionsMissing: "One Voice" By Jularah
Monday 30 May 2016: A song written for #MillionsMissing.

Committee Member Penelope McMillan On The Radio
Tuesday 10 May 2016: On Wednesday 11 May at 9:15am committee member Penelope McMillan will be live on South Australian radio station 891 ABC Adelaide, Mornings with Ali Clarke.

Australian Scientists Make Breakthrough In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Testing
Tuesday 1 March 2016: Australian scientists say they could soon produce a diagnosis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that could be as simple as having a blood test.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronically Underfunded
Thursday 25 February 2016: An audio presentation by Australian independent current affairs community radio station The Wire.

Eight Thousand Young Australians Kicked Off Disability Support Pension
Friday 29 January 2016: The Federal Government claims its crackdown on the Disability Support Pension is working, with 8,000 people kicked off the payment in the final half of 2015.

ME/CFS Vagus Nerve Link
Sunday 13 December 2015: An interview with Professor Michael Van ElZakker about his recently published paper, "Chronic Fatigue from Vagus Nerve Infection: A Psychoneuroimmunological Hypothesis".

Interview With Stuart Murdoch
Saturday 24 October 2015: An interview with Stuart Murdoch, the lead singer and chief songwriter of Scottish pop band Belle and Sebastian, who suffers from ME/CFS.

Voices: What It's Like To Live With An Invisible Disability
Thursday 15 October 2015: A look at how schools in the US accommodate students with invisible disabilities such as Fibromyalgia.

Chronic Fatigue Treatment Inadequate, Says Doctor
Tuesday 22 September 2015: Prominent British doctor, Dr Charles Shepherd, has spoken about the lack of treatment options for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers on the Isle of Man.

Interview With Australian ME/CFS Researcher Professor Don Staines
Tuesday 1 September 2015: An interview with Professor Don Staines on Australian radio station 612 ABC Brisbane.

BBC Broadcaster John Darvall on ME/CFS
Friday 17 July 2015: BBC broadcaster John Darvall discusses his reaction to speaking with ME/CFS sufferer Naomi.

Mercy Of The Wind By Naomi Flanagan
Saturday 18 April 2015: Australian musician and ME/CFS sufferer Naomi Flanagan has released an EP called Mercy of the Wind.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gets New Name, Enhanced Recognition
Saturday 14 March 2015: A profile of ME/CFS sufferer Tasha Kelemen, and news about the proposed new name for ME/CFS, Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease.

The New Science Of Exhaustion
Tuesday 17 February 2015: A US radio program featuring ME/CFS experts discussing the Institute of Medicine's proposed new name, Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease.

'I Was So Grateful For My Body': Jennifer Aniston Portrays Chronic Pain
Wednesday 4 February 2015: Jennifer Aniston plays a woman who suffers from chronic pain in the independent film Cake.

Unexplained Medical Symptoms – A Radio National Panel Discussion
Wednesday 21 January 2015: A panel of experts looks into complicated issues surrounding unexplained medical symptoms in this special event for the Ultimo Science Festival in Sydney.

ABC's Radio National discusses Fibromyalgia
Thursday 10 July 2014: Dr. Norman Swan talks about Fibromyalgia on ABC's Radio National.

Spenser Inwood: the chronic fatigue of circus life
Saturday 31 May 2014: A profile of Circus Oz performer, Spenser Inwood.

Lyme: a four letter word
Wednesday 8 January 2014: A broadcast on ABC National Radio's Background Briefing program about the prevalence of Lyme disease in Australia.

New facility searches for Chronic Fatigue cure
Friday 6 December 2013: A radio interview with Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik, one of the team members of Griffith University's new National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases.

Exciting news for Islanders with Fibromyalgia as research project gets underway
Wednesday 4 December 2013: A brand new neuroscience research project is about to get underway on the Isle of Wight that will focus its attention on the debilitating chronic pain condition, Fibromyalgia.

ABC radio interview with Dr. Nicole Phillips
Sunday 29 September 2013: A radio interview with psychiatrist, medical advisor, and educator, Dr Nicole Phillips about ME/CFS in Australia.

Providence woman campaigning for more Fibromyalgia research
Tuesday 28 May 2013: Patients should take more responsibility for their overall health according to Jan Chambers, founder and president of the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association.

Lyme: a four letter word
Tuesday 14 May 2013: Australian GPs reveal why they are risking their reputations by diagnosing patients with Lyme disease – from bacteria that are not even supposed to be in Australia.

Radio interview with Dr David Mitchell
Tuesday 7 May 2013: Adelaide radio station 5RPH recently broadcast an interview with Dr. David Mitchell, a South Australian GP with expertise in ME/CFS.

Radio interview with Dr Rosamund Vallings
Sunday 5 May 2013: Dr Rosamund Vallings spoke to Belinda Heggen on South Australian radio station 5AA about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Looking at muscle cells in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sunday 10 June 2012: A radio interview with Professor Julia Newton from Newcastle University about the causes of various symptoms associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Friday 11 May 2012: Interviews on Australian radio station 612 ABC Brisbane.

Linley Frame: Olympian and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferer
Saturday 5 May 2012: Linley Frame talks to Lindy Burns ahead of International ME/CFS Week.

Fibromyalgia's effects
Friday 20 April 2012: A US radio show in which Dr. Gracer interviews Dr. Beth Hodges concerning new surveys that show how severely sufferers of Fibromyalgia are affected and how much the general public knows about this problem.

Radio show: Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Wednesday 18 April 2012: An episode of the Internet radio program Health Matters Show that focuses on CFS.

New research raises question – is CFS an autoimmune disease?
Saturday 7 April 2012: Tina Marie Miller Tidmore and Dr. Kenneth Friedman joined Leslie Carol Botha on US radio program Holy Hormones Honey! to discuss the latest research on ME/CFS.

Radio interview with Jessica Philby
Friday 5 April 2013: Adelaide radio station 5RPH recently broadcast an interview with Jessica Philby, an ME/CFS sufferer who is studying a Bachelor of Interior Architecture at the University of South Australia and is the recipient of a Sir Charles Bright Scholarship.

Michael Crawford talks about ME
Thursday 29 March 2012: A radio interview with English actor Michael Crawford who moved to New Zealand to help recover from ME.

Web-based therapy for chronic fatigue
Tuesday 6 March 2012: Treatment programs via the internet are now used in a variety of health conditions.

Radio show podcast: CFS infection and research
Wednesday 22 February 2012: An episode of the Health Matters Show that focuses on CFS infection and research.

CFS or ME: more than just tired
Thursday 19 January 2012: Red Symons talks to psychiatrist Dr Nicole Phillips about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, including some of the misconceptions surrounding the disease also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

CFS news: what's happening?
Sunday 11 December 2011: A US radio program with the latest news in ME/CFS.

Science with Chris Smith: chronic fatigue and lymphoma cancer
Monday 31 October 2011: The latest news from the world of science with Chris Smith.

Adelaide entrepreneur goes global with Speed Striker
Thursday 27 October 2011: An Adelaide entrepreneur has struck a deal with a major global distributor for his agility training invention, which he developed while suffering a long-term illness.

Radio interview with Dr. Ken Friedman
Tuesday 11 October 2011: A radio interview (and transcript) with Dr. Ken Friedman on his thoughts from the IAME conference about future for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research and treatment.

Triple J Hack story on living with chronic pain
Saturday 20 August 2011: A report on chronic pain.

Looking for new ways to ease the pain of Fibromyalgia
Saturday 6 August 2011: Audio and transcript of an episode of the Voice of America's Science in the News radio program.

Diseases That Get No Respect Show
Thursday 9 June 2011: An episode of a US radio show that focuses on "diseases that get no respect", such as Fibromyalgia.

Comparison of treatments for CFS - the PACE trial
Tuesday 19 April 2011: A radio feature on the PACE trial.

Radio interview with Kay Gilderdale
Sunday 17 April 2011: Kay Gilderdale, author of One Last Goodbye, was interviewed on RTÉ Radio 1, Thursday 14 April 2011.

How mindfulness can add to your well being
Wednesday 13 April 2011: An interview with "mindfulness" expert Diana Winston on ABC Radio National's New Dimensions program.

Delay in diagnosis significantly impact lives of patients with Fibromyalgia, new survey reports
Friday 3 December 2010: National findings reveal greater awareness, earlier diagnosis, and support help reduce daily life challenges.

Top award for top scientist
Thursday 18 November 2010: Professor Warren Tate has been awarded the Rutherford Medal for his work in cell biology.

'The Sound Of A Snail': A Patient's Greatest Comfort
Wednesday 17 November 2010: US public broadcaster NPR has an audio interview with Elisabeth Tova Bailey, author of The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating.

Esther Rantzen talks ME and the blood ban with Dr Charles Shepherd on BBC Radio Berkshire
Friday 5 November 2010: Esther Rantzen discussed ME/CFS and the new UK ban on blood donation by everyone with the illness with MEA medical adviser, Dr Charles Shepherd, on BBC Radio Berkshire on Monday 1 November.

BBC Radio 4 Today programme: transcript of interview with Dr Charles Shepherd
Sunday 10 October 2010: A radio interview with Dr Charles Shepherd about blood donation in the UK.

Radio program to highlight ME/CFS
Saturday 21 August 2010: Our friends across the border in Victoria tell us that ME/CFS Australia (Victoria) has been successful in securing time on ABC radio program Nightlife with Tony Delroy on Monday 23 August, between 10-11pm (Eastern Standard time).

Seminar speaker radio interview
Friday 13 August 2010: Brenda McHugh-Wilkinson, the speaker for the Society's upcoming seminar, will be interviewed by Peter Greco on radio station 1197am RPH Adelaide tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 14 August) at approximately 6PM.

Radio program features Whittemore Peterson Institute
Monday 9 August 2010: Dan Erwine looks at research into the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome being conducted in Reno by the Whittemore-Peterson Institute.

Kay Gilderdale radio interview
Friday 14 May 2010: The UK's BBC Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine interviewed Kay Gilderdale on Tuesday 11 May.

BMJ podcast
Thursday 18 March 2010: The British Medical Journal has a podcast that features the latest in ME/CFS research, focusing on XMRV.

Shelly Quarmby
Thursday 18 February 2010: UK singer/songwriter Shelly Quarmby has released a six-song EP entitled Change and proceeds from the sale of one of the tracks will go towards Fibromyalgia Association of the United Kingdom.

XMRV in the news
Monday 12 October 2009: News about the XMRV retrovirus has flooded both print and online media.

Marg Purcell radio interview
Saturday 16 May 2009: 774 ABC Melbourne radio host Richard Stubbs interviewed Marg Purcell, a former Masters Athlete who has ME/CFS and has written a book, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Journey I'm Still On.

Neil Blyth radio interview
Friday 15 May 2009: 774 AESSRA's International Chemical Sensitivity Seminar is being held in Melbourne today.

Ride for CFS on the radio
Tuesday 14 April 2009: The Society’s president, Peter Cahalan, was interviewed on 639 ABC North and West, an AM radio station in the Flinders Ranges yesterday morning (at 7:15!).

Internet radio show to feature Fibromyalgia in upcoming episode
Wednesday 1 April 2009: Internet radio talk show website Winning Life Through Pain will be featuring Fibrombyalgia in an upcoming episode.

More chronic illness in young people
Sunday 11 January 2009: Marketplace from American Public Media has an audio broadcast about an increase in young people with chronic diseases.

Chronically ill? Dental problems? Beware…
Friday 19 December 2008: The ABC radio program Life Matters reports on what may be an undesirable move by the Government for those with disabilities.

Singer/songwriter Tamara Lewis
Sunday 6 September 2008: Tamara Lewis is a singer/songwriter from Seattle who has spent 10 years living with ME/CFS.

“Everybody Knows About Me”
Thursday 21 August 2008: US band Cinder Bridge has released a song about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis entitled “Everybody Knows About Me”.

ME/CFS on the radio
Thursday 21 August 2008: Dr Stephen Graves, Director of Hunter Area Pathology and the Australian Rickettsial Reference Laboratory, spoke about ME/CFS with presenter Ian Woolf on Diffusion Science Radio, a program broadcast on 2ser in New South Wales.

“Not In My Head” Radio Public Service Announcement
Thursday 26 June 2008: Although it’s now a couple of years old (it was part of a 2006 awareness campaign implemented by the CFIDS Association of America), we’ve only just found this US radio Public Service Announcement via the wonders of YouTube.

Support our friendly Radio 5RPH
Thursday 22 May 2008: 1197am RPH Adelaide has been a great supporter of the Society.

Radio interview
Thursday 22 May 2008: The Society’s president, Peter Cahalan, was interviewed on 1197am RPH Adelaide last night.

Radio interview tonight
Wednesday 21 May 2008: Society president Peter Cahalan speaks on radio station 1197am RPH Adelaide at 7:30 tonight.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity on The Health Report
Monday 5 May 2008: Norman Swan of ABC Radio National’s The Health Report interviews Professor Gail McKeown-Eyssen, a Canadian cancer researcher who has found out interesting things about the body’s pathways for people with MCS.

The president speaks
Saturday 9 February 2008: The Society’s president, Peter Cahalan, is interviewed from time to time on 1197am RPH Adelaide.

We get a free radio commercial
Tuesday 4 September 2007: We’ve scored a free radio commercial.

Jo Hicks update
Wednesday 11 July 2007: Jazz vocalist Jo Hicks has been having difficulties with her email address but can now be contacted via email again.

ABC Radio National: All In The Mind
Sunday 10 June 2007: ABC Radio National's Saturday afternoon program All In The Mind featured Chronic Fatigue Syndrome yesterday (Saturday 9 June).

CFS feature on Nightlife with Tony Delroy
Tuesday 5 June 2007: The ABC’s Nightlife with Tony Delroy featured ME/CFS last night (Monday 4 June).

774 ABC Melbourne radio segment on CFS
Monday 21 May 2007: 774 ABC Melbourne’s Saturday morning segment, Fitness, Health and Nutrition with Tonya Roberts, had a feature on CFS on 19 May.

Radio interview with Peter Cahalan
Thursday 17 May 2007: Peter Cahalan, President of ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc, was interviewed yesterday on 1197am RPH Adelaide.

Jo Hicks
Wednesday 2 May 2007: Society member Jo Hicks is a jazz singer who has released All Of Me, a CD of popular and jazz standards.

Radio interview with Peter Cahalan
Sunday 1 April 2007: Peter Cahalan, president of ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc, was interviewed yesterday on 1197am RPH Adelaide.

Dr Dan Peterson speaks to the ABC
Thursday 29 March 2007: Dan Peterson was one of the four international participants in a two-day forum on ME/CFS at The University of Adelaide on 26-27 March.

Radio interview
Thursday 8 March 2007: Carole Whitelock presents 891 Afternoons, a radio program broadcast weekdays from 1 till 4pm on 891 ABC Adelaide.

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