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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity news




Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 18 May 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 11 May 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 4 May 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 27 April 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 20 April 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 13 April 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

5 Common Misconceptions About Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Saturday 6 April 2019: An article by US Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Deborah Seely.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 6 April 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 30 March 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 23 March 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 16 March 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 9 March 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 2 March 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

The Unwanted: Homeless In America
Friday 1 March 2019: A profile of Danish photographer and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity suffer Thilde Jensen.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 23 February 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 16 February 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

'I Can't Go Anywhere': Chemical Sensitivities Complicate Canadian Woman's Search For Housing
Friday 15 February 2019: A profile of Canadian Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Marla Flear.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 9 February 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 2 February 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 26 January 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 19 January 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

'She Was Passing Through Town And Shouted At Us From Across The Road'
Friday 18 January 2019: A profile of Canadian photographer and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Marie LeBlanc.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 12 January 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 5 January 2019: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Learn How To Build Healthy Homes At The MBA Home Building & Remodeling Show Jan. 11-13 At Wisconsin State Fair Park
Thursday 3 January 2019: The 2019 MBA Home Building & Remodeling Show in the US features homes friendly to those suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.



Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 29 December 2018: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 22 December 2018: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Hidden Mould Affecting Canberrans On The Rise
Sunday 16 December 2018: Health experts are warning of a growing number of patients suffering from symptoms such as chronic fatigue, cramps and joint pain brought on by mould.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 15 December 2018: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 8 December 2018: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Student, Staff Strive To Make Laundry A Healthier Practice At CMU
Saturday 1 December 2018: A profile of Central Michigan University student and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Samuel Connors.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 1 December 2018: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 17 November 2018: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Petition: Remove "Afflicted" Docuseries From Netflix Now
Saturday 17 November 2018: A petition created by Benjamin HsuBorger.

Mould Avoiders: The Aussies Going To Excessive Lengths To Deal With Continual Sickness
Tuesday 13 November 2018: A profile of Australian Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and ME/CFS sufferers.

Judge Dismisses Suit Involving Dutch Creek Road Work
Saturday 27 October 2018: A US District Court judge dismissed a lawsuit earlier this month that a Dutch Creek Road couple had filed claiming that potential roadwork on the road poses a mortal threat to Cindi Madej due to a chemical-sensitivity medical condition she suffers from.

Netflix Is Televising Prejudice Against The Chronically Ill
Friday 12 October 2018: An article by Julie Rehmeyer about the Netflix documentary series Afflicted.

MCS: The Illness Crippling Australians, Dismissed By Doctors
Tuesday 9 October 2018: A segment on SBS Viceland's The Feed about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Australia.

Macquarie University Studies Hypochondria In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MCS And Fibromyalgia
Saturday 29 September 2018: Macquarie University are recruiting people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders and Multiple Chemical Ssensitivity for a study measuring somatic symptoms, hypochondria, anxiety and depression, catastophising and co-morbid diseases.

Under The Microscope
Thursday 27 September 2018: A profile of US Multiple Chemical Sensitivity suffer Dr Lisa Nagy, who participated in the controversial Netflix docuseries Afflicted.

An Open Letter Accuses Netflix's 'Afflicted' Of Abandoning Ethics And Science
Friday 21 September 2018: Maya Dusenbery has joined with others in publishing an open letter calling for Netflix to remove their documentary series Afflicted.

Open Letter Asks Netflix To Immediately Remove 'Afflicted' From Streaming
Thursday 20 September 2018: A group of artists, writers, physicians and scientists have signed an open letter to Netflix denouncing its recent documentary “Afflicted” for its portrayal of chronic illness, and asking Netflix executives to immediately remove the series from its platform.

Netflix Users Demand Service Remove Chronic Illness Series 'Afflicted'
Monday 17 September 2018: More than 7,400 people have signed a petition calling for Netflix to take down Afflicted, a controversial documentary series about people with chronic illnesses released in August.

How Netflix's 'Afflicted' Failed The Chronic Illness Community
Thursday 13 September 2018: According to participants in the US docuseries, producers promised compassion but delivered exploitation instead.

Stars Of New Netflix Series About Chronic Illness Slam The Show For Making Them Look 'Crazy' - After Off-Camera Tests Proved They Are Sane
Saturday 25 August 2018: The subjects of the new Netflix documentary series about chronic disease, Afflicted, have come out in force against the film, asserting that its makers misrepresented their conditions as 'psychosomatic.'

The Truth Behind Netflix's 'Afflicted'
Tuesday 21 August 2018: Responses to the Netflix docuseries Afflicted.

Botched Mold Removal Causes Debilitating Illness, Lawsuit Says
Friday 20 July 2018: A profile of US ME/CFS and MCS sufferer Annette Davis.

The Homelessness Crisis That You Never Heard About
Thursday 12 April 2018: An article about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity published in US newspaper The Commons Online.

Woman With Mystery Illness Forced To Live Inside 25-Metre Glass Cage For 13 YEARS Without Hugging Children Or Husband
Wednesday 4 April 2018: A profile of Spanish Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and ME/CFS sufferer Juana Munoz.

Devon Couple Quit Mud Hut Home For Ireland
Wednesday 28 March 2018: A couple who live in a mud hut have said they are moving out after being "bullied" by a local authority.

State Of California Sues Company Over Weed Spray That Sickens Woman Living Near Railroad Tracks
Saturday 24 March 2018: The state of California is suing the North County Transit District over its failure to maintain accommodations made for an Oceanside woman sickened by the herbicides it uses to kill weeds along its railroad track.

Bothered By Fragrances? This Story Will Be A Breath Of Fresh Air
Wednesday 21 March 2018: An article about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity published in The Washington Post.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity On The Rise As Research Exposes Dangers
Thursday 15 March 2018: A profile of Australian Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Josephine Wadley-Evans.

Calvin Klein's Runway Highlights Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder. What Is It?
Saturday 17 February 2018: A disease known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity has become an unlikely point of inspiration for Raf Simons, the creative mind behind Calvin Klein.

I Have MCS – A Disease Where Smells Make Me Sick
Saturday 3 February 2018: US Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Rivka Solomon talks about her experiences with the disease.



Couple To Be Booted Out Hobbit-Style Mud Home They Built To Help Combat Allergies
Monday 18 December 2017: UK woman Kate Burrows says she suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and her house built of earth, tree trunks and straw helps stop her symptoms coming back.

Deadline Looming For Woman Searching For A Safe Home
Tuesday 5 December 2017: A video from Canadian news station Toronto CityNews.

Life After Diagnosis Can Be Isolating For Those Battling Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Monday 27 November 2017: A profile of US Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Fred Neumann.

What It's Like To Travel Again After 14 Years Of Being Housebound
Saturday 11 November 2017: An article by Welsh ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Juliette Llewellyn.

Hair Dresser Opens Scent-Free Salon
Saturday 21 October 2017: A profile of Canadian hairdresser and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Bonnie Frostad.

Devon Mud Hut Couple "Allergic To Modern Life" Fight Eviction
Thursday 12 October 2017: A UK couple who moved to Devon due to an "allergy to modern life" have almost hit the 50,000 signature mark on a petition set up to prevent them being kicked off their land.

Judge Upholds Conditions For Medical Exam For Co-Plaintiff In Dutch Creek Road Lawsuit
Wednesday 4 October 2017: A US federal judge earlier this month issued a ruling upholding previously set conditions for an independent medical exam of a Dutch Creek Road woman suing the Athens County Engineer in Ohio.

When Others Abhor The Scent You Adore
Wednesday 30 August 2017: An article about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Australia.

South Florida Native Says Chemical Sensitivity Forced Him To Leave State
Friday 30 June 2017: A profile of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Alan Bell, who is the author of the book Poisoned: How a Crime-Busting Prosecutor Turned His Medical Mystery into a Crusade for Environmental Victims.

'Bubble Girl' Amelia Hill Enjoys Brief Ray Of Sunshine
Tuesday 25 April 2017: A profile of South Australian ME/CFS/MCS sufferer Amelia Hill.

Kate Grenville Interview: Why Perfumes Are Making You Sick
Saturday 4 March 2017: An interview with Kate Grenville, author of The Case Against Fragrance.



The Residents Of This Arizona Community Are Allergic To Modern Life
Wednesday 21 December 2016: Chemically sensitive residents of a tiny, off-the-grid village in Arizona called Snowflake find relief from a world that makes them sick.

Woman Forced To Leave Home Because of Chemical Sensitivity Disorder
Thursday 3 November 2016: A profile of Canadian MCS sufferer Marie LeBlanc.

When Even The Smell Of Perfume Can Make You Ill
Tuesday 7 June 2016: A profile of Maltese ME/CFS and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Johanna Galea.

The Air Around Aliso Canyon Is Declared Safe. So Why Are Families Still Suffering?
Wednesday 23 March 2016: An article about the aftermath of the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak in the US.

Help! I'm Allergic To My New Audi
Monday 8 February 2016: A UK doctor who paid nearly £20,000 [AUS$41,000] for a brand new car can only take it for a spin once a week, for 40 minutes at a time - because he is allergic to it.



Not Just Any Road Project
Sunday 27 September 2015: The frustrations of residents living on a dusty road in the US filled with washboard ruts and potholes are being pitted against a husband and wife’s concerns about her chemical sensitivity, and what they say could be a life-threatening reaction to asphalt work.


Canadian Resident's Home To Be Rebuilt By Habitat
Friday 10 July 2015: A Canadian woman suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensititivies is having her home rebuilt by Habitat for Humanity.


Australian National Register Of Environmental Sensitivities
Wednesday 20 May 2015: The formation of the Australian National Register of Environmental Sensitivities aims to provide the background evidence to highlight the need for recognition and assistance for affected people.


Canadian MCS Sufferer Fights Eviction Notice
Saturday 25 April 2015: A Canadian woman with a severe case of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is fighting an eviction notice from her local housing authority, taking her case to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

Public Servant Says She Was Allergic To Her Workplace At Australian Taxation Office
Monday 6 April 2015: The Australian Taxation Office has been drawn into a three-year compensation case after a former worker said she suffered from "sick building syndrome" when working for the public service.


Canadian Woman's Sensitivies Confine Her To House
Thursday 26 March 2015: Canadian Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Wendy Kearly believes the only place she is safe is inside her home on Munroe Street in New Glasgow – and with some legitimate reasons.


Meet The 29-Year-Old Woman Who's Allergic To The World
Friday 16 January 2015: A profile of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Sufferer Crystal Goodwin.




Woman who is 'allergic' to the 21st century has no physical contact with the outside world
Monday 20 October 2014: A profile of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Amelia Hill.

Employee loses case claiming her colleagues' perfume caused impairment
Saturday 4 October 2014: An employee who claims she was rendered incapable of working by her colleagues' perfumes and aftershaves has lost her compensation claim.


Woman builds herself a gorgeous, tiny, healthy, "chemical free" house
Sunday 17 July 2014: An article about the small chemical-free house belonging to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Corrine.

How to better accommodate travellers with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Sunday 10 August 2014: An article by Glenn Hasek about the potential dangers for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity when on holiday.


Toxic Reform petition
Saturday 5 July 2014: A call to sign a petition from Australian consumer advocate organisation Choice.


Toxic Reform petition
Sunday 13 April 2014: A call to sign a petition from Australian consumer advocate organisation Choice.

Swiss building provides refuge for the hypersensitive
Tuesday 8 April 2014: A block of flats in Switzerland has been purpose built for people who say exposure to everyday products like perfume, hand lotion or wireless devices make them so sick they cannot function.


Woman with chemical allergies lives outdoors to avoid illness
Wednesday 19 March 2014: For Vanessa Gaudette, living in a tent brings relief from a nightmare known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.



Chemically sensitive find sanctuary in fragrance-free churches
Sunday 24 November 2013: A church in Washington has adopted a fragrance-free policy that has proven very popular with parishioners.


Allergic to the 21st century
Monday 19 August 2013: A profile of Tasmanian Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Jody Watkins.


Controversial advice on chemicals in pregnancy
Friday 14 June 2013: A discussion on the possible dangers of various chemicals during pregnancy.


City of Portland sued over workplace fragrances
Thursday 16 May 2013: The city of Portland was served with a lawsuit that accuses Bureau of Maintenance managers of failing to accommodate an employee who suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

International Awareness Day
Sunday 12 May 2013: May 12th is International Awareness Day for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).


Report shows devastating impact of dispersant used in "cleanup"
Saturday 20 April 2013: The Government Accountability Project has released a report that details the devastating long-term effects on human health and the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem stemming from BP and the US federal government's widespread use of the dispersant Corexit, in response to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.


Medical community divided over 'chemical sensitivity' ailment
Sunday 24 March 2013: Debbie Lose-Kelly is a woman with severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, an illness that most in the medical community aren't convinced is an actual disease.


Sealed off from the world
Saturday 9 February 2013: A new photography collection documents the world of the hyper-allergic, those who wear gas masks, gloves, chemical suits, and even seal their homes in foil because they suffer violent reactions to common chemicals such as perfume and car exhausts.


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Want to learn how to build a low-impact den?
Friday 25 January 2013: An article from the UK's Permaculture magazine about building suitable accommodation for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Gillian McCarthy.



Building a low-impact den for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Friday 30 November 2012: A profile of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer Gillian McCarthy.

Online Multiple Chemical Sensitivity survey
Monday 26 November 2012: Renowned MCS researcher Dr Pamela Reed Gibson and the James Madison University (JMU) CI/MCS research team are seeking participants for their latest research on chemical sensitivity and health care.


Fighting Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and searching for a safe home
Friday 19 October 2012: For Lou Anne Cottingham, finding the right home is more complicated than just finding the right neighborhood or number of bedrooms.

Barbara Lewis allergic to modern life
Monday 1 October 2012: A profile of Barbara Lewis, a sufferer of hemical and electrical sensitivity, as well as others suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.


Tammy Franks MCS speech
Monday 6 August 2012: Tammy Franks, member of the Greens party in the South Australian Legislative Council, recently made a speech in South Australian Parliament discussing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.


"Chemical intolerance" a common complaint: study
Thursday 19 July 2012: A sizable percentage of low-income patients in primary care may be particularly sensitive to chemicals in household cleaners, perfumes and other everyday products, a small study suggests.

Rare disorder drives woman to document industrial Canaries
Sunday 8 July 2012: A profile of photographer Thilde Jensen and her work documenting MCS in New York.


Former Holy Cross coach Dan Allen's legacy lives on
Saturday 26 May 2012: Dan Allen, a longtime US football coach at the Massachusetts's College of the Holy Cross, was 48 when he died of complications from multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome in 2004, but his legacy lives on through his family.

Chronic pain stigma revealed in new report
Friday 25 May 2012: A report into New Zealanders suffering from chronic pain shows many feel others, including healthcare professionals, underestimate the extent of their suffering.

MEPs vote to include MCS in the International Classification of Diseases
Wednesday 23 May 2012: The European Parliament will vote on the inclusion of environmental diseases such as electrosensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity in the International Classification of Diseases the next June.

State of Washington MCS Proclamation
Wednesday 16 May 2012: The State of Washington has issued a Proclamation for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month.

North Carolina MCS Proclamation
Tuesday 15 May 2012: Beverly Eaves Perdue, Governor of the State of North Carolina, has issued a Proclamation for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month.

Cuyahoga County, Ohio MCS Proclamation
Monday 14 May 2012: Cuyahoga County, Ohio has issued a Proclamation for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – Deborah's story
Friday 11 May 2012: A profile of MCS sufferer Deborah.

Massachusetts MCS Proclamation
Sunday 6 May 2012: A Proclamation by the Governor of Massachusetts recognising Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

'Family forced out' by Trecwn power plant
Tuesday 1 May 2012: A father with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity says he and his family will be forced from their home by the creation of a diesel-fired power plant nearby.

MCS Awareness Month
Tuesday 1 May 2012: May is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month worldwide.


An oasis in a toxic world
Saturday 21 April 2012: A profile of MCS sufferer Jennyfer Sausa and her life in an Arizona desert community that caters specifically to those with MCS.

A judge should check the degree of MCS disability
Monday 16 April 2012: A judge has ruled in favor of one affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and forced the Catalan Institute Assistència i Serveis Socials (ICASS) to review their degree of disability.


Tossing out toxins
Wednesday 28 March 2012: A University of Arizona professor proposes to ban toxic dry-erase markers from classrooms.

The objective medical findings of the chemically sensitive
Friday 9 March 2012: An article in response to certain political operatives who claim that the medically proven malady of chemical and irritant sensitivities is not a proven one.


Trapped in her room for over 1000 days
Monday 6 February 2012: A profile of South Australian MCS sufferer Amelia Hill.


Portraits of Americans living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Tuesday 24 January 2012: The work of MCS sufferer Thilde Jensen, a Danish photographer whose series of photographs chronicle the day-to-day-lives of fellow MCS sufferers.

Lawton-area boy's sensitivity to chemicals leaves parents pleading for change in roadwork plans
Tuesday 10 January 2012: Parents January Slater and Ben Khabra are rabidly green on behalf of their 4-year-old son, Jackson, not because of political leanings but because Jackson's medical condition, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, requires that level of diligence.

Spain's Ministry of Health presents its Consensus Document on MCS
Thursday 5 January 2012: The Ministry of Health in Spain has submitted its consensus document on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.



Struggling for air, and a new home
Sunday 18 December 2011: New London (US) resident, suffering from a combination of illnesses, finds most indoor living intolerable.

Hidden risks of lurking chemicals
Friday 2 December 2011: An article in The Sydney Morning Herald about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

MCS Rally reminder
Thursday 1 December 2011: A reminder that a Multiple Chemical Sensitivity rally will be held tomorrow (Friday 2 December) in Adelaide.


MCS disability access rally
Saturday 26 November 2011: A rally recognizing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity will be held in Adelaide on Friday 2 December.

No-spray and pesticide guidelines
Wednesday 16 November 2011: No-Spray Register guidelines developed by the South Australian government.

New Multiple Chemical Sensitivity book
Tuesday 15 November 2011: Illness activist, Glenna Chance, seeks to reverse society’s toxic trend in new book.

Banners flying over Michigan Stadium part of campaign to raise awareness of neighborhood pesticides
Wednesday 9 November 2011: An article about Linda Weiss and her efforts to raise awareness for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in the US.


The 'San Antonio Seven' still sidelined by illness years after chemical and mold exposures
Thursday 20 October 2011: A profile of seven Americans who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

A talk with investigative journalist Arnold Mann about mold, environmental illness, and MCS
Wednesday 19 October 2011: An interview with Arnold Mann about his new book, They're Poisoning Us!: From The Gulf War to The Gulf of Mexico – An Investigative Report.


High court sides with sick 11-year-old, clears block to medical torts
Monday 26 September 2011: Chronically ill welcome high court decision; defense attorneys warn of ‘junk science’ in court.

Science lags as health problems emerge near gas fields
Sunday 25 September 2011: On a summer evening in June 2005, Susan Wallace-Babb went out into a neighbor's field near her ranch in Western Colorado to close an irrigation ditch. She parked down the rutted double-track, stepped out of her truck into the low-slung sun, took a deep breath and collapsed, unconscious.

Meters are not-so-smart to some
Tuesday 20 September 2011: Chronic fatigue is a complex syndrome with consistent symptoms which rob individuals of their vitality every day. The syndrome is now being seen as an immune deficiency disorder, which means sufferers contend not only with a lack of energy, they are also constantly fighting off illness.

MCS advice for professional gardeners
Saturday 10 September 2011: The Government of South Australia has published advice for professional gardeners.

Scientists search for reliable biomarkers in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Wednesday 7 September 2011: After years out in the medical and scientific wilderness, researchers are starting to take a serious look at the underlying pathological mechanisms at work in multiple chemical sensitivity in seach of a reliable biomarker that would revolutionise diagnosis and treatment.


Three extreme healing homes: nontoxic building could cure what ails you
Sunday 7 August 2011: A feature on three US non-toxic homes.

Survey based on the MCS criteria
Thursday 4 August 2011: Dorothy Bowes from ASEHA Qld is conducting a survey as part of developing the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity GP guidelines in SA.


New regulations for Gulf War veterans' illnesses
Tuesday 26 July 2011: New US Veterans Affairs regulations taking effect on Aug. 15 specify that functional gastrointestinal disorders are covered as presumptive illnesses.

Appeals court rules in favor of teacher with sensitivity disability
Wednesday 6 July 2011: Denise Frisino, a Seattle middle school teacher diagnosed with respiratory sensitivity to molds, chemicals, and other environmental toxics was terminated for failing to report for work after reasonable accommodation were not provided as required by law.

There is help available for rare disorder
Friday 1 July 2011: Help is available for sufferers of a rare reaction to electricity says one local sufferer who has shared her experiences in a TV documentary.


Dan Allen Foundation will hold first annual fundraiser
Wednesday 22 June 2011: The foundation is named after Boston University football coach Dan Allen, who lost his life in 2004 due to a serious chemical injury that initiated Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Moving to new "environmentally sensitive" housing unit in Ottawa
Sunday 19 June 2011: An article about Linda Sepp and her new, environmentally sensitive housing in Canada.

Speech by the Hon Tammy Franks on MCS
Saturday 18 June 2011: A speech on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity was given in the South Australian Legislative Council last week by the Hon Tammy Franks, MLC, SA Greens.

WWF pesticides petition
Saturday 11 June 2011: WWF has created a petition to help combat the overuse of pesticides.


MCS Awareness Rally report
Friday 27 May 2011: A report by Peter Evans, Convenor of the South Australian Task Force on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, on the recent MCS Awareness Rally.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Rally
Monday 16 May 2011: A rally to be held in Adelaide that will call on the State Government to fully implement the Parliamentary Inquiry into MCS recommendations for strategies to assist people with MCS to access health care.

World Health Organization asked to officially recognise MCS and EHS
Thursday 12 May 2011: A delegation has a meeting with the WHO Director General for Public Health on 13 May where they will hand over the document requesting recognition together with signatures of over 450 Health professionals and organisations from 25 countries.

Light Work photo exhibition
Tuesday 3 May 2011: An article about “Canaries,” an exhibition by Thilde Jensen of photographs of individuals with MCS.

Fragrance Free Policy signs for hospitals
Monday 2 May 2011: Three Fragrance Free Policy signs for use in hospitals.


Governor Hickenlooper proclaims May 2011 as MCS Awareness Month in Colorado
Friday 29 April 2011: Colorado State Governor John Hickenlooper declares May 2011 as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month.

Chemical safety remodel's priority
Friday 15 April 2011: US newspaper the Arizona Daily Star has an article about Bill and Jane Todd and how they remodelled their home to accommodate Jane's Multiple Chemical Sensivitity.


Atmosphere of concern
Wednesday 30 March 2011: An article about Rebekah Sheffield and her health troubles living in the US town of Dish.

How to decontaminate new clothing and fabrics
Tuesday 29 March 2011: Most new clothing and fabrics are permeated with toxic chemicals during manufacturing, which can be a real problem for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Ellen from Toronto, Canada, shares her decontamination protocol.


Increased capsaicin-induced secondary hyperalgesia in patients with MCS
Saturday 12 February 2011: Research results focusing on capsaicin.


Environmental illness on the rise
Friday 21 January 2011: Canada's Nova Scotia Environmental Health Centre is seeing more patients than ever.

Planning a successful hospital stay or surgery
Sunday 16 January 2011: Information from MCS America that provides an overview of precautions that vulnerable people – especially those with chemical sensitivities – can take to avoid unnecessary harm during visits to a hospital or ER.

Study examined the benefit of coping with MCS
Friday 14 January 2011: Swedish scientists published results of a study that examined the use of coping strategies (strategies for coping with the disease) in people with chemical intolerance and the social support they receive.

Alison Johnson speaks at the NIEHS
Wednesday 12 January 2011: Alison Johnson, who has dedicated her life's work to bringing about full recognition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, gave a talk to officials at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Adjusting to MCS
Friday 7 January 2011: A video by Jasmine Walton.

MCS News Australia moves to a new home
Sunday 2 January 2011: MCS News Australia has a new website.




Exposure Assessment
Thursday 23 December 2010: Professor Anne C. Steinemann at the University of Washington College of Engineering's Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering has produced a report assessing chemical exposure in fragranced consumer products.

NICNAS MCS Report – final report and submissions
Monday 6 December 2010: Australia's National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) has published its final report into Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.


Chemical Sensitivity being recognized as illness around the world
Monday 22 November 2010: A growing number of governments, organizations, and authorities are recognizing multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) as an illness induced by toxic substances.

MCS and the search for a safe community
Sunday 21 November 2010: When it comes to finding safe housing, everyone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity will agree that this is one of the most daunting challenges of living with this most highly inconvenient and disheartening medical condition.

New trailer for upcoming film about MCS shown at MCS conference in Spain
Friday 19 November 2010: A Spanish short drama film focusing on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity will be shown in December.


Woman with Chemical Sensitivity fumigated by local county government
Thursday 21 October 2010: An article from American Chronicle about a US woman with chemical sensitivities whose neighbourhood was sprayed with pesticides.

International symposium on chemical pollution and environmental diseases
Friday 1 October 2010: A prestigious group of international researchers, scholars, scientists and physicians met in Italy last week for a symposium on New Environmental Diseases.


Governments and organizations recognizing chemical sensitivity
Wednesday 29 September 2010: MCS America has compiled a list of governmental bodies that currently recognise chemical sensitivity.

Body toxins and our children
Sunday 26 September 2010: Organic Connections reports that "Once in a great while, a video gets online and goes “viral” that contains so much truth that it cannot be ignored: 10 Americans is one such video".

Home buyers with chemical sensitivities should raise concerns early
Thursday 23 September 2010: The Washington Post reports that people with serious allergies or sensitivity to common household chemicals should raise their concerns early when buying a home.

South Australian Government MCS access guidelines
Thursday 16 September 2010: The South Australian Government's Department for Transport Energy and Infrastructure has completed guidelines for disability access to government buildings that include Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.


Hawaii proclaims July 2010 as Toxic Injury Awareness and Education Month
Wednesday 4 August 2010: Hawaii's Governor Linda Lingle and Lieutenant Governor James R. "Duke" Aiona, Jr. have signed on July 22nd 2010 the proclamation of Toxic Injury (also known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) Awareness and Education Month.


Reckless self-interest of the fragrance industry
Monday 26 July 2010: People must be protected from exposure to fragrance ingredients that may cause cancer or fetal, hormonal or reproductive toxicity, the Cancer Prevention Coalition warned.

MCS guidelines for South Australian hospitals
Saturday 24 July 2010: The MCS Guidelines for South Australian Hospitals has been developed by the Department in conjunction with the intergovernmental MCS Reference Group, and is based on the Queensland Health model.

Theories abound about multiple chemical sensitivity
Thursday 15 July 2010: A question-and-answer article about MCS from the Chicago Sun-Times.

Predictions of MCS mechanism confirmed by Italian study
Thursday 8 July 2010: A recent study conducted by a research group in Rome is significant in regard to Martin Pall’s NO/ONOO- cycle theory on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity because it shows that three elements of the cycle are elevated in MCS patients.

Spanish court case
Saturday 3 July 2010: A judge in Barcelona, Spain, has passed a sentence that recognizes, for the first time, that the full disability of a woman with Fibromyalgia and MCS was due to an environmental accident that happened in the industrial area of the town of L'Ametlla del Vallès (near Barcelona).

"I never wanted to be a quack!"
Thursday 1 July 2010: Tarryn Phillips, from the Anthropology and Sociology department of the University of Western Australia, has published a paper about Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and the law.


"Fragrances don't smell beautiful to everyone"
Sunday 27 June 2010: A report that a respected NIH expert supported an association between the XMRV virus and chronic fatigue syndrome is causing a buzz among CFS patient activists, researchers and clinicians.

Measures taken by European countries for MCS – 2010
Friday 25 June 2010: The MCS Society of Australia has published a document entitled "Measures Taken by European Countries for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity".

MCS in Japan – A lecture at the House of Representatives
Monday 21 June 2010: Ryozo Tamakoshi, a member of the Japanese organization Citizens Against Chemicals Pollution, gave a lecture on MCS in the House of Representatives in Japan.


Chronic-illness group voices call for national diagnostic clinic
Monday 31 May 2010: A national diagnostic and treatment centre is desperately needed to help the more than one million Canadians suffering from ME/CFS/FM/MCS, according to a support group for those with the conditions.


Musicians tune up for health group
Saturday 27 March 2010: An article from Canada's Kingston This Week about the Canta Arya School for Strings.

MCA Awareness Month
Sunday 7 March 2010: The American Chronicle has an article about MCS Awareness Month which will be in May.

NICNAS draft review
Saturday 6 March 2010: Australia's National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) has the latest news on its draft review.

Professor of chemical engineering urges students to go fragrance-free
Thursday 4 March 2010: The Canary Report has an article about a University of New Hampshire professor who has written an open letter expressing his concerns about MCS.


Mayor of Broward County proclaims May 2010 as MCS Awareness Month
Thursday 25 February 2010: Mayor Ken Keechl, has proclaimed May 2010 as MCS Awareness Month in Broward County (FL).

Online MCS work study – participants wanted
Wednesday 17 February 2010:'s Carol and Richard Eustice report the results of research into the benefits of slow breathing for people with chronic pain such as Fibromyalgia.


The false promise of miracle cures
Thursday 7 January 2010: The Canary Report has reprinted a two-part article about products such as amygdala retraining that claim to cure diseases such as ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Recognition of MCS in Italy moves closer
Sunday 3 January 2010: The Environmmental Illness Resource reports on efforts to get Multiple Chemical Sensitivity legally recognised in Italy.




Guidelines for visiting a person with MCS
Monday 28 December 2009: Although a little late for Christmas, the following guidelines from Allergy, Sensitivity & Environmental Health Association Qld Inc are very thorough and useful for anyone visiting people suffering from MCS.

Author tells seasonal tale in new e-book
Thursday 24 December 2009: The UK's Northumberland News has an article about the latest e-book from author and MCS sufferer Franny Armstrong.

Documentary on household chemicals
Sunday 20 December 2009: The Canary Report has posted an article about Chemerical, a new documentary focusing on a family and their efforts to minimise the amount of potentially harmful chemicals in their home.

The relationship between Fibromyalgia and the MCS
Tuesday 15 December 2009: The Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology has published a research paper that demonstrated the links between Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Cambridgeshire woman launches her own business despite health issues
Tuesday 8 December 2009: Cambs24 has an article about Barbara Curtis, a UK woman who has set up her own business despite suffering from ME/CFS and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.


New MCS book
Sunday 15 November 2009: Femail has some information on Slow Death by Rubber Duck, a new book by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie on the effects of toxic chemicals.


October proclaimed EHS Awareness Month in Newfoundland
Tuesday 20 October 2009: Newfoundland's mayor has proclaimed October 2009 as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Awareness Month.

Canary Report author interview
Friday 2 October 2009: Franny Armstrong, author of The Canary Report, a website that focuses on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, was recently interviewed in the US's Northumberland News.


Q&A with Martin Pall, PhD
Tuesday 15 September 2009: Phoenix Rising is an informative newsletter put out monthly by American CFS sufferer Cort Johnson on his Phoenix Rising website.


MCS a reaction to chemicals, not odours
Saturday 29 August 2009: ProHealth reports on new research by Martin Pall, PhD, on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

MCS America list
Friday 21 August 2009: Advocacy group MCS America publishes an occasional list of web-based articles on MCS, ME/CFS and related conditions and issues.

Asthma and MCS: study finds significant overlap
Friday 7 August 2009: The Environmmental Illness Resource reports that a "new study looking at the prevalence of both asthma and chemical hypersensitivity in the United States has found a significant overlap between the two conditions."


Research shows toxic chemicals initiate MCS
Tuesday 28 July 2009: A local youth group will be holding a quiz night this Saturday (1 August).


MCS has major impact on everyday life
Thursday 25 June 2009: The Environmmental Illness Resource reports on a new study that "reveals the impact that multiple chemical sensitivity can have on all areas of sufferers' everyday lives".

Additive Alert seminar
Monday 22 June 2009: If you're sensitive to food additives, you may be interested in a seminar on additives that will be held in Adelaide on 8 July.

MCS proclamation
Saturday 20 June 2009: The American Chronicle reports on how "Thirty-six governors and mayors across America have already issued proclamations" for MCS, and that "more are still pouring in."

MCS America list
Tuesday 16 June 2009: Advocacy group MCS America publishes an occasional list of web-based articles on MCS, ME/CFS and related conditions and issues.

Chemical sensitivity syndrome to make list of gov't-insured medical conditions in Japan
Tuesday 16 June 2009: Advocacy group MCS America publishes an occasional list of web-based articles on MCS, ME/CFS and related conditions and issues.


New building codes and environmental sensitivities
Saturday 23 May 2009: A new set of national standards for the design of buildings is on the verge of release.

The national review of MCS: our advocates respond
Friday 22 May 2009: The draft report by the NICNAS and the OCSEH on MCS issues came out several months ago.

MCS in local newspaper
Wednesday 20 May 2009: Melbourne newspaper The Waverley Leader has a recent news item about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

MCS America list
Wednesday 20 May 2009: Advocacy group MCS America publishes an occasional list of web-based articles on MCS, ME/CFS and related conditions and issues.

Neil Blyth radio interview
Friday 15 May 2009: AESSRA's International Chemical Sensitivity Seminar is being held in Melbourne today.

Melbourne’s first fragrance-free seminar
Saturday 9 May 2009: The Allergy and Environmental Sensitivity Support and Research Association Inc (AESSRA) will be holding an international chemical sensitivity seminar in Melbourne on Friday 15 May.


'Green' Building certification no guarantee against indoor air pollution
Sunday 12 April 2009: MedPage Today reports from the latest annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology that “Buildings with low-pollution certifications are still susceptible to spikes in fine particulates.”


Study on hypersensitivity to odours and chemicals
Sunday 8 March 2009: Here’s a document on research conducted by Christel Larsson and Lena Mårtensson.


Scent marketing
Saturday 28 February 2009: Ever wondered how perfume companies deal with customers who have adverse reactions to their products?

Sick Buildings and MCS
Thursday 26 February 2009: WRAL-TV reports that “A growing number of Americans are finding that everyday chemicals make them sick.”

Love and Marriage – and MCS
Sunday 22 February 2009: Here’s a good news story for hopeless romantics everywhere.

BBC report on MCS
Friday 20 February 2009: The BBC has highlighted Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) on its website with an article featuring MCS sufferer Donna Robertson.

How many people are chemically sensitive? Some SA research
Monday 9 February 2009: Several years ago the State Department of Health conducted two major phone surveys on the topic of chemical sensitivities.

The MCS Research Review: and Peter Evans does it again!
Thursday 5 February 2009: Society member and SA’s main activist on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity issues, Peter Evans, has put together an incredibly thorough and probing critique of the draft MCS research paper.


MCS artist exhibition
Saturday 31 January 2009: Holly Mae Pendergast is an artist in the US who developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) as a result of the materials she was using.

Germany is the first country to recognise MCS as a physical disease
Friday 30 January 2009: Christiane Tourtet B.A. reports in The American Chronicle that Germany has become the first country to formally recognise Multiple Chemical Sensitivity as a physical illness.

The MCS research report campaign: another voice
Saturday 24 January 2009: In addition to yesterday’s comments by Prof Anne Steinemann and Anne Kennedy, we also have comments on the MCS research report campaign provided by Susanna Agardy.

The MCS research report campaign: two advocates named Anne
Friday 23 January 2009: Respected American academic Prof Anne Steinemann has generously given time to writing a submission on the draft MCS report prepared by the Office of Chemical Safety.




MCS tip: natural pest control
Sunday 28 December 2008: Susie Collins at The Canary Report has a handy tip for people with MCS who have a problem getting rid of creepy crawlies around the home and don’t want to use regular pesticides.

The MCS Research Report – here’s a form letter for you
Wednesday 10 December 2008: We alerted you on 11 and 12 November that the Office of Chemical Safety had released a draft report on MCS issues.

MCS research at James Madison University
1 December 2008: The team at Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Research at James Madison University is calling upon people to participate in two studies.


The Federal MCS Review: comment by Peter Evans
Wednesday 12 November 2008: Peter Evans, Convenor of the South Australian Task Force on MCS, has responded to the Office of Chemical Safety’s request for comments on its draft report on MCS.

The Federal MCS Review: the price of lethargy is… psychiatry?
Tuesday 11 November 2008: The Federal Department of Health and Ageing has just put out a draft issues paper on MCS for public consultation.

MCS Rally and National Disability Stategy
Wednesday 5 November 2008: Peter Evans, Convenor of the SA Task Force on MCS, reports on the recent MCS Public Rally and the invitation for submissions to the National Disability Strategy.

The High Cost of Progress
Monday 3 November 2008: The blog, Izmet's Dream, has an article on an unintended consequence of modern living: chemicals.

MCS Public Rally photos
Saturday 1 November 2008: Photos of the MCS Public Rally held yesterday (Friday 31 October) are now available.


A life turned upside down
Sunday 19 October 2008: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) receives a little more awareness and publicity in the media with a recent article in Ireland’s online newspaper,

MCS Rally in Japan
Saturday 18 October 2008: The first ever rally for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity awareness to be held in Japan will take place on Saturday 22 November at 1:30pm.

MCS: join in the annual rally
Saturday 11 October 2008: The Society once again calls on its members to support a rally to raise awareness about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.


Fresh scent may hide toxic secret
Thursday 28 August 2008: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that chemicals used in items such as air fresheners and detergents to give things a ‘cleaner and fresher’ smell may be much more hazardous to people’s health – especially those with MCS – than previously thought.

Artist uses art to fight illiteracy
Thursday 26 June 2008: The above headline may not make much sense, but the following is the amazing tale of Holly Pendergast, an artist with MCS who travelled to Africa with a passion for creating a series of paintings there and ended up starting a book donation drive to combat illiteracy.

MCS & the hospital environment – a recent experience
Tuesday 17 June 2008: Society member Colin Northey has sent us a letter telling us about a positive experience he and his wife had when she had to stay in hospital recently.

Genetic testing and your rights at work
Friday 13 June 2008: Congress has just enacted a law to protect persons from having genetic testing – e.g. for sensitivities to certain chemicals which might be found in a particular workplace – from having their employment and other rights infringed.

The Minister for Health on MCS issues
Thursday 12 June 2008: Here’s a response from the South Australian Minister for Health, Hon John Hill MP, to Sandra Kanck MLC on two issues.


Clean air is an issue for us: so support CASANZ
Wednesday 14 May 2008: The Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand (CASANZ) is holding a special meeting tomorrow (Thursday 15 May).

Sandra Kanck pursues a better housing deal for people with MCS
Wednesday 7 May 2008: Sandra Kanck MLC wrote to the Minister for Housing and Disability in February about a better deal for people with MCS.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity on The Health Report
Monday 5 May 2008: Norman Swan of ABC Radio National’s The Health Report interviews Professor Gail McKeown-Eyssen, a Canadian cancer researcher who has found out interesting things about the body’s pathways for people with MCS.


May 2008 proclaimed MCS Awareness Month in two US states
Thursday 3 April 2008: May 2008 has been proclaimed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month in two US states, Washington and Florida.


Mercury fillings banned in Norway
Monday 31 March 2008: Courtesy of Dr. Georgiou’s Natural Medicine Newsletter!, we’ve had word of the latest news from Norway about their attempts to deal with the potential toxicity of amalgam fillings.

A great site on making schools (and other places) healthier
Friday 28 March 2008: The US leads us by a long way in taking steps to improve air quality and the general environment in schools for asthmatic and chemically sensitive users.

Colorado Governor Declares May 2008 as MCS and Toxic Injury Awareness Month
Tuesday 4 March 2008: The American Chronicle reports that Colorado Governor, Bill Ritter, has proclaimed May 2008 to be Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Toxic Injury Awareness Month.

Smoke-free venues: is our State Government serious?
Sunday 2 March 2008: Sandra Kanck MLC continues to lobby for a better deal for the chemically sensitive.


Sandra Kanck asks MPs questions regarding MCS
Friday 29 February 2008: Sandra Kanck, Member of the Legislative Council and member of the South Australian Democrats, has written to two MPs on behalf of multiple chemical sufferers in South Australia.

LDDI Scientific Consensus Statement
Thursday 21 February 2008: The Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative, which is a part of the Institute for Children’s Environmental Health, has published its LDDI Scientific Consensus Statement.


Green Chemistry: California keeps leading the way
Monday 21 January 2008: The campaigners for a better deal for people with chemical sensitivities in Australia keep looking enviously to California.




Making Adelaide a smoke-free city (for a day)
Monday 17 December 2007: The Liberal Party’s The Hon David Ridgeway MLC is moving for Adelaide to be declared smokefree for two days in 2008.

Federal Election Watch:
Lobbying the new Federal Government on MCS

Friday 14 December 2007: Dorothy Bowes, President of the Allergy Sensitivity and Environmental Health Association of Qld, has commenced a letter writing campaign to lobby the new federal Labor government for recognition of MCS and completion of the promised review of MCS by the Office of Chemical Safety.


Vote against smoking
Thursday 22 November 2007: The South Australian Democrats are campaigning to have smoking banned in playgrounds.


The Environmental Illness Resource
Tuesday 30 October 2007: The Environmental Illness Resource is a website that provides information, news and research updates, doctor-authored articles, forums, and other resources for sufferers of environmental illnesses such as MCS, CFS, and fibromyalgia.

Reminder: Is Your House Killing You?
Wednesday 24 October 2007: The second episode of Is Your House Killing You? will air tonight at 7:30pm on SBS.

Is Your House Killing You? – the full details
Friday 12 October 2007: We announced recently that a great new TV series was starting shortly on SBS, Is Your House Killing You?. The program deals with something that most people with ME/CFS know all too much about: the toxic impacts of chemicals and moulds.

The MCS rally: how’s this for fast action?
Wednesday 10 October 2007: Only one good politician attended the MCS rally on 8 October. But Sandra Kanck MLC was enough.

Photos from the MCS Rally
Tuesday 9 October 2007: Twenty people – including a very cute little girl and a good Aussie cattle dog – rallied outside the offices of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing on Monday 8 October.

Remember the MCS Rally
Friday 5 October 2007: We’re calling on you to attend the rally outside the offices of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.

Promoting the accommodation needs of people with ME/CFS and MCS
Thursday 4 October 2007: We advertised on 28 September a coming forum on housing for people with special needs. We’ve since liaised with the organisers and have had a positive response.


Chemically sensitive and concerned about fluoride?
Saturday 29 September 2007: We’ve been sent an alert from the national network of MCS campaigners regarding a pending approval to use a fluoride-based substance as a food fumigant.

Is Your House Killing You?
Friday 28 September 2007: That’s the title of a coming series on SBS. It’s a beauty of a consciousness raiser for the cause of people with chemical sensitivities.

MCS Reference Group meeting report
Friday 21 September 2007: Peter Evans, Convenor of the SA Task Force on MCS, has a report of the 20 September MCS Reference Group meeting.

Outdoor smoking: the minor parties fight for us
Friday 14 September 2007: Family First and the South Australian Democrats have joined in Parliament of South Australia to get our feet-dragging State government to catch up to Queensland and other places when it comes to banning smoking in outdoor eating places.

MCS Public Health Rally
Wednesday 12 September 2007: A Public Health Rally recognising Multiple Chemical Sensitivity will be held on Monday 8 October 2007 at the Department of Health and Ageing, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide.

Response to MCS Clinical Review
Wednesday 12 September 2007: The Allergy, Sensitivity & Environmental Health Association Qld Inc has published a response to the Office of Chemical Safety’s MCS Clinical Review.


MCS meeting
Wednesday 25 July 2007: Members who have expressed interest in being part of our lobbying activities on chemical sensitivity issues may be interested in a meeting coming up this Friday 27 July.


Safer Solutions – a manual for chemically safe living
Sunday 10 June 2007: Here’s an excellent new Australian website devoted to pulling together practical ideas for managing one’s home and garden with minimal use of toxic chemicals.


Federal inaction on the MCS Review – take action!!
Saturday 12 May 2007: Three years ago the Federal Office of Chemical Safety promised to review MCS issues.


Smoke-free local places – strike a blow for your health and civic rights
Thursday 26 April 2007: Messenger Community Newspapers is running an online poll.


Family health and chemicals
Thursday 22 March 2007: For anyone interested in the two issues of how chemical additives to food and vaccinations can affect our health, here’s an evening seminar coming very soon.

MCS America Seeks Recognition for Environmental Illness
Monday 12 March 2007: reports that “MCS America is seeking to clarify the many contradictions in the medical, scientific, legal, and social communities so that MCS may be granted the same recognition that the Centers for Disease Control recently granted to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”


MCS Public Health Rally update
Saturday 24 February 2007: Peter Evans, Convenor of the South Australian Task Force on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, has an update on the MCS Public Health Rally to be held on Thursday 1 March 2007.

MCS: our first rally for 2007
Wednesday 7 February 2007: Peter Evans, convenor of the SA Task Force on MCS, sends news of our first public action for people with MCS for the year.


US petition for recognition of MCS
Saturday 13 January 2007: The community-based group MCS America is gathering signatures for a petition to US authorities for recognition of MCS.




The MCS Report Clock stops ticking
Friday 29 December 2006: We started the MCS Report Clock way back when we were becoming alarmed – no pun intended – at the government’s lack of progress in implementing the recommendations of State Parliament’s inquiry into Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.


The MCS Reference group creaks into action – but we’re not stopping the clock yet!
Thursday 16 November 2006: Well, shiver our timbers. Department of Health has just announced that it wishes to hold the first meeting of the MCS Reference Group some time in December.


MCS – a good day’s work at Parliament House
28 September 2006: The annual Chemical Injury and Sensitivity Day rally was held on Parliament’s steps on September 20. Our biggest crowd ever – 30!! – including five politicians. We were delighted with their attentiveness and support.

MCS debate on 891 ABC Adelaide
15 September 2006: 891 ABC Adelaide recently presented a segment on MCS with guests Dr Mark Donohoe, a well-known advocate of environmental medicine, Mr Peter Evans, Convenor of the SA Task Force on MCS, and Dr Jim Fitzgerald from the Department of Health in South Australia.

National Chemical Injury and Sensitivity Day Rally – September 20
7 September 2006: The annual rally recognising National Chemical Injury and Sensitivity Day will be held on September 20 at Parliament House steps beginning 12 midday.

Treatments for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
2 September 2006: A US study on the relative effectiveness of treatments for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity using both conventional and alternative therapies was published in the September 2003 edition of Environmental Health Perspectives.

Adelaide Dental Hospital notice
2 September 2006: Following a complaint to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission by a patient with multiple chemical sensitivity, the SA Dental Service has agreed to post signage on the notice board at the Adelaide Dental Hospital requesting patients to consider avoiding using fragrances prior to dental appointments.


Pesticide Spray Drift Forum in Canberra
26 August 2006: Peter Evans recently represented the SA Task Force on MCS at a public forum on pesticide spray drift which was hosted by the national pesticide regulators, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

Making facilities chemically safer
16 August 2006: We’ve come across an excellent and authoritative publication from America for anyone who is negotiating with building managers.

MCS Report Clock: Letters from state Ministers
8 August 2006: Here are the latest letters from state Ministers in response to our enquiries into the MCS report’s progress.


Chemical Safety review
25 July 2006: The federal Office of Chemical Safety is currently conducting a review of national policy on multiple chemical sensitivity.


MCS Report Clock: Letter from Dr Kevin Buckett, Director Public Health
22 June 2006: A letter from Dr Kevin Buckett, Director Public Health, in response to our enquiries into the MCS report’s progress.

MCS: our politicians are working for us
9 June 2006: It’s heartening to see that the politicians who have supported us during and after the Inquiry into MCS have keep on the case.

MCS: we’ve written to the Minister for Health
1 June 2006: Our president has been watching our MCS Report Clock for the last month, and when it hit 330 days he decided that it was time to write and ask what is going on.


Making Catholic schools chemically safer
19 May 2006: A delegation from the ME/CFS Society and the SA Task Force on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity met senior officers of the Catholic Education Office on May 17.

MCS sufferers slam reference group delays
10 May 2006: ABC News Online reports that the State Government has gone back on its word to help multiple chemical sensitivity sufferers.

Butt littering campaigns – good for the environment but what about us?
3 May 2006: Our president has just written to the Butt Littering Trust which has a strong environmental focus. But arguably its work is making it easier for smokers to do their thing and harm our many members who are reactive to cigarette smoke.


MCS Report clock ticks on…
28 April 2006: The Social Development Committee of State Parliament tabled the report of its Inquiry into Multiple Chemical Sensitivity on July 5, 2005.

Fruit fly outbreak in the Wingfield area
27 April 27 2006: There has been a recent fruit fly outbreak in the Wingfield area.


MCS Inquiry
8 February 2006: There was intense interest in the seminar meeting in Adelaide in June 2005 between Australian researchers and clinicians and Professor Kenny De Meirleir.


2005 & earlier

Minister for Health’s lukewarm response to MCS Inquiry
15 December 2005: The State Minister for Health has now responded, as he is officially required to do, to the recommendations on improving the management of issues relating to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. This response refuses to give priority to some of the modest proposals made by the parliamentary committee.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Public meeting
12 October 2005: A public meeting will be held on Saturday October 22, 2005 at the Ellangowan Centre, 80 Payneham Road, Stepney.

MCS public health rally
12 September 2005: Saturday September 17 is National Chemical Injury and Sensitivity Day. A public health protest rally recognising Multiple Chemical Sensitivity will be held at midday outside the office of the South Australian Department of Health at 11 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide.

Free public forum
23 August 2005: Residents from all areas are invited to a Free Public Forum on natural alternatives to toxic chemicals.

MCS report – Democrats call for action
6 July 2005: Today’s release of the Social Development Committee report into Multiple Chemical Sensitivity must be followed up with rapid action by the state government says Sandra Kanck, whose terms of reference instigated the inquiry.

MCS report now available
6 July 2005: The long-awaited report of the Social Development Commitee on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity was tabled in State Parliament on July 5.

Gone in a puff
30 November 2004: Gone in a puff is an article by Rod Lewis, editor of Encore magazine, about the need for theatre companies to be thoughtful about people with allergies to cigarette smoke, fragrances, and chemicals.

MCS inquiry submission (draft version)
23 August 2004: The Society has prepared a submission to go to the parliamentary inquiry into multiple chemical sensitivities.

MCS parliamentary inquiry
3 July 2004: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a big issue for many of us. With a committee in South Australian, state parliament investigating it at present. This is the time to take action for change.

Inquiry into Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
11 September 2003: On July 9, 2003 South Australia’s Upper House, the Legislative Council, voted unanimously to support an Australian Democrat’s motion requesting the Social Development Committee to inquire into and report on multiple chemical sensitivity.

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